<p>Firetrap, a premium fashion jeans wear brand has launched a new ecommerce web site (<a href="http://www.firetrap.com">http://www.firetrap.com</a&gt;) creative design by digital communications agency Lateral, project managed by ecommerce consultancy BigLight and supported by Paraspar’s e-commerce platform.</p>

<p>WDT who own the Firetrap brand wanted to create a new high profile online presence for Firetrap that showcased the brands new repositioning. The site is the first e-commerce venture by the brand taking advantage of latest best-practice in design, structure, navigation, content presentation, ecommerce tools and functionality. </p>

<p>“We wanted an e-commerce platform for Firetrap that would drive online sales and deliver an authentic brand experience and the collaboration work of our team of agencies has achieved this. Lateral’s expertise in fashion and apparel made them a prime choice.” Said Alex Maw marketing director, Firetrap.</p>

<p>The brand and retail website for Firetrap combines bold and innovative design with a user-friendly and intuitive architecture. The site is a platform for all of Firetrap's brand communication and activities throughout the year with sections devoted to fashion, events and Firetrap's seasonal campaigns.</p>

<p> “Firetrap’s values are inspired by the free thinkers and individuals of urban environments, and we designed the look and feel around this premise.” Said Simon Crab, Creative Director, Lateral.</p>

<p>Lateral achieved this by predominately using typography together with a messy, contemporary urban backdrop combined with model shots and product assets.</p>

<p>Paraspar created a tool that allows users to roll over the products and see enhanced detail in a seamless user friendly way. </p>

<p>For further information on Lateral please contact:
<br />Karen Durham-Diggins
<br />T: 020 8989 2541
<br />E: <a href="mailto:kdd@easynet.co.uk">kdd@easynet.co.uk</a>
<br />M: 07808 584 624</p>

<p>ABOUT Lateral Net
<br />Lateral <a href="http://www.lateral.net">http://www.lateral.net</a&gt;
<br />Lateral is one of UK's founding digital agencies. Established in June, 1997, Lateral has evolved itself for the next major shift in the digital marketing space by repositioned itself as a strategic digital marketing agency. Lateral focuses on helping companies engage with online consumers and prosumers in the most effective way possible, helping them build long-term relations with individual consumers and communities. Lateral’s new brand positioning strategies around Consumer Brand Ownership and Consumer Brand Control, which define how customers can engage and win customers in a consumer controlled media world.</p>

<p>Their pioneering expertise and professional approach has attracted recognition both within the new media industry, having been awarded several times for their work, as well as the consumer market as can be seen by their client list which includes: Faber and Faber, Five, Hachette Livre, Lexus, Little,Brown, Nintendo, RSPCA and Which?.</p>

<p>About BigLight:
<br />BigLight provide project management and marketing consultancy to help retailers create profitable websites. Our clients include New Look, Superdrug, Fat Face and Ministry of Sound. </p>


Published on: 1:12PM on 8th January 2009