<p>Auto-Journals Media have re-launched - <a href="http://www.Auto-Journals.com">www.Auto-Journals.com</a&gt; designed and built by digital creative agency Delete (<a href="http://www.deletelondon.com">www.deletelondon.com</a>).</p&gt;

<p>Delete was commissioned by Managing Editor (and freelance motoring journalist) David Yu and Creative Director, Tim Milne.
<br />“Auto-journals’ premise is that car owners can offer unique insights into the reality of owning a car, and that this authority is as valid as–yet distinct from–the “fleeting glimpse” reviews of professional journalists. Delete’s expertise has been in understanding both our writers and readers needs, applying and creating succinct design and function that provides a completely unique, user-friendly yet professional looking platform for our users. I call it Web 2.5; user-generated content given a professional polish.” says David Yu.</p>

<p>Delete’s designs and functionality have refreshed and improved the site structure to enhance the user journey.</p>

<p>- A new CMS system allows the editors flexibility to edit content on the website’s pages, ensuring the day-to-day running of the site is in complete control of the Auto-Journals team.</p>

<p>- To set itself apart from other web 2.0 sites, the Auto-Journals team sub-edits the entries and the site now provides carefully managed design tools to allow a high level of visual integrity to users’ pages that also maintains the Auto-Journals brand.</p>

<p>- A bespoke What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing feature for text and images allows users a high degree of control over the format of their published content and features a ground-breaking photo manipulation system.</p>

<p>- A database-driven Content Management System enables Auto-Journals to give varying levels of user access.</p>

<p>- The site can now enrol top-level users as sub editors to be responsible for moderating and editing content for the site, providing greater user democracy and fulfillment.</p>

<p>- Selected sub-editors with proven journalistic skills are also given access to writing one-off Features consisting of News, car Reviews, or simply editorial Comment.</p>

<p>- This offers users a potential “career ladder” within Auto-Journals and indeed some of its top level contributors have since been “discovered” and gone on to do professional motoring journalism jobs for other publications.
<br /> “<a href="http://www.Auto-Journals.com">www.Auto-Journals.com</a&gt; has gone from a static website to a unique online motoring publication that blends elements of user-creation, web 2.0 with the bold imagery one would expect from automotive print magazines to create a truly unique site for motoring enthusiasts.” Said Fiona Knight, Account Director Delete
<br />For press enquires please contact:</p>

<p>For Delete
<br />Karen Durham-Diggins at kddPR
<br />t: +44 (0) 20 8989 2541
<br />e: <a href="mailto:kdd@easynet.co.uik">kdd@easynet.co.uik</a>
<br />m: +44 (0) 7808 584 624</p>

<p>Notes to editors</p>

<p>About Delete - A Space for Ideas <a href="http://www.deletelondon.com">www.deletelondon.com</a></p&gt;

<p>Based in Clerkenwell, Delete is a digital creative agency. They offer their clients original strategic and creative thinking - not pre-packaged solutions - backed up with design and technical excellence.</p>

<p>Having built Delete over five years from the ground up to, currently, a team of 25, they possess the true grit of an entrepreneurial spirit and understand how to translate this into success through all work for their clients businesses.</p>

<p>Delete's vision is capture an audience’s imagination - with powerful digital experiences</p>

<p>Black is White, Everything you know is wrong - This is the way Delete start all conversations. It's a challenge to their clients - to turn our thinking on its head and let them be Deleted.</p>

<p>To Delete is to create an opportunity after all.</p>

<p>Clients include Match.com, GAME, Ministry of Sound, French Connection, Virgin, Virgin Atlantic (US), BaByliss, O2, Renault, Betfair, Mayor of London, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Camden Town Unlimited, Sahara and Epson.</p>

<p>About Auto-Journals - <a href="http://www.Auto-Journals.com">www.Auto-Journals.com</a&gt;
<br />Auto-Journals sets out to capture the real essence of car ownership; the highs and lows, thrills and spills that make it a consuming passion for many. We look at the world of cars from a different vantage point. Unlike traditional publications written by professional journalists who might test a car for a few days, or even a few hours, our writers are real people with real life experience of their cars. The core of Auto-Journals is a collection of regular journals written by owners about their day-to-day adventures with their cars.</p>

<p>Here you’ll find the voyages of discovery and little details that make us love or hate our cars – a true picture of what these cars are like to live with and how their owners feel about them. You can also find real world data recorded by real world users so you can look beyond manufacturers’ estimates of running costs and reliability. You can also read regular Reviews and Features by new and established writers who add their own opinions and experiences and create an extra dimension to the authentic stories of car-ownership.</p>

<p>Auto-Journals is written by those who know cars best – the owners.

Published on: 1:17PM on 8th January 2009