<p>RedEye, the expert in Online Behavioural Marketing and Analysis, has launched a new online reporting interface, IRIS (Individual Reporting, Intelligent Segmentation).</p>

<p>The new reporting interface has been designed to enhance the online actionable data available to a wide set of industries, and to make reporting easier and more efficient for users, allowing genuine insight to be achieved.</p>

<p>The application or reporting interface has been developed in response to the changing market place and the needs of RedEye clients and their businesses.</p>

<p>Garry Lee, Client Services Director at RedEye said “After a period of research, which combined usability lab testing and industry and client feedback, it was decided that a core system, based on the layout of a Microsoft Excel grid for data and Windows Explorer for navigation, was the best layout for analysis.”</p>

<p>“The new system allows instant access to data, provides a more user friendly interface, enables easier use of RedEye’s unique unlimited segmentation module and allows the usual level of RedEye customisation while catering for simpler, template style reports.”</p>

<p>New on-demand summaries featured in the interface include additional campaign summaries allowing all post impression and click window reporting to be available alongside full site information, and segment overlays meaning the level of data immediately available on screen will be automatically multiplied by the number of segments set up by the user. </p>

<p>IRIS will be available to RedEye clients in January, with beta clients having been in place for a number of months. The launch is the first stage in an overall strategy by RedEye to combine all of RedEye’s services into one single online application.</p>

<p>Garry Lee said, “We will integrate all RedEye’s services into one application including Intelligent Web Analytics, Segmentation Management, Behavioural Email Management, and Email Deliverability Applications.” </p>

<p>“We want to help our clients increase conversion rates and ROI, and we are continually looking for the best way to do it. During the launch of IRIS we will ensure all our clients are trained properly and are able to use the new system quickly and efficiently. We will not just show you what buttons to press on an interface, but will help our clients understand how to take action and make more money from their web analytics.”</p>

<p>For more information on the RedEye reporting interface please call 0845 094 114 or visit the website <a href="http://www.redeye.com">www.redeye.com</a&gt;
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<p>For further information please contact Katie Traynier on 01908 340 990 or email <a href="mailto:katie.traynier@redeye.com">katie.traynier@redeye.com</a> </p>

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<p>About RedEye
<br />RedEye was established in 1997 and clients include William Hill, Asda and Butlins. RedEye helps clients sell more and communicate better through the internet. RedEye provides a unique combination of web analytics, email and usability services under the banner “online behavioural marketing and analysis”. These allow competitive advantage to be gained from a deeper understanding of user needs and activity. RedEye is one of the fastest growing digital marcoms businesses in the country.

Published on: 12:00PM on 9th January 2009