<p>In an effort to escape the post-Christmas winter blues many Britons are booking holiday breaks to sunny and far-flung holiday destinations says <a href="http://www.holidays-direct.co.uk">www.holidays-direct.co.uk</a>.</p&gt;

<p>The hectic Christmas season, economic slow down and a particularly frosty start to the New Year seem to have driven many Brits to want to escape the UK for sunny and tropical destinations abroad.</p>

<p>Online travel agency <a href="http://www.holidays-direct.co.uk">www.holidays-direct.co.uk</a&gt; has reported a sharp increase in sales during late December and early January, as well as a preference towards the more glamorous and far-flung destinations such as the Red Sea, Dubai and the Caribbean as opposed to some of the recently favoured European resorts. </p>

<p> Unspoilt beaches, boutique hotels and breathtaking scenery are the temptation of many Brits this winter as they seek a way to escape the blues and start the New Year in style, says Holidays-Direct.co.uk. </p>

<p>Jon Pearce of Holidays-Direct.co.uk says “There is often a rise at this time of year, but this year the jump in holiday bookings is bigger than ever. It seems people have had enough of the doom and gloom and are looking to exotic breaks to kick-start 2009.”</p>

<p>The Red Sea has been one of the most popular destinations of late, reports Holidays-Direct.co.uk. UK holidaymakers are seeking to soak up the heat on sun-drenched beaches and immerse themselves in an underwater technicolour paradise on one of the many diving and snorkelling adventures available at resorts throughout the region. </p>

<p>The online travel agency also reports increased interest in luxury holidays, particularly in destinations such as Dubai and the Caribbean, which offer British travellers a wealth of unique experiences to help lift them out of the winter blues. </p>

<p>About <a href="http://www.holidays-direct.co.uk">www.holidays-direct.co.uk</a&gt; </p>

<p>Online travel agency <a href="http://www.holidays-direct.co.uk">www.holidays-direct.co.uk</a&gt; is part of the Midlands Co-operative Society Group and is a member of ABTA. They specialise in providing affordable flights and accommodation in the top holiday destinations around the world. </p>

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Published on: 9:58AM on 12th January 2009