<p>This week (w/c 12th January) sees the launch of the first independent Labour website, <a href="http://www.LabourList.org">www.LabourList.org</a&gt;, through Labour Party activist Derek Draper. It gives Labour-minded people an opportunity to enter the blogosphere, providing them with an opportunity to share news, opinion and discussion which will allow genuine debate on the future direction of the government to flourish. </p>

<p>Peter Mandelson, the Business Secretary and former Party Communications Director, is one of the first bloggers on the website where he is represented by his Second Life avatar. </p>

<p>Previously the Labour Party has had no ‘hub’ in the blogosphere. The launch of <a href="http://www.LabourList.org">www.LabourList.org</a&gt; represents a major initiative for Labour and its supporters, demonstrating the Party’s understanding of the importance of new media as a means to embrace and engage with voters and opinion-makers alike.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.LabourList.org">www.LabourList.org</a&gt; will feature blogs from prominent spokespeople from the Labour movement who have interesting, thought-provoking opinions, including former Secretary of Health, Alan Milburn; Alastair Campbell, David Lammy; Unite’s Political Director, Charlie Whelan; and National Chair of Labour Students, Sarah Mulholland. Anyone interested in making their own interesting and relevant comment is also invited to contact Derek Draper to become contributors in their own right.</p>

<p>Leading full service digital agency, Tangent One, has provided Derek Draper with the strategic advice, creative and technology behind the website, creating it from scratch in an extremely short amount of time, whilst ensuring its architecture, content and usability are of the high quality required for such a key website. In addition, Tangent One is the Labour Party’s retained new media agency and was also behind the re-launch of the Labour Party’s website before its conference in September 2008</p>

<p>Draper commented: “The Labour Party understands the importance of new media in terms of creating real dialogue with all key interested parties, and in helping us to communicate our messages much further afield than through traditional media. Tangent have provided strategic advice, creative ideas and technology solutions as we have planned our assault on cyberspace. I chose Tangent because they had the vision, skills, resources and technology to help make LabourList the huge success it needs to be. So far they have exceeded my expectations in terms of planning and delivery, and there's plenty more to come.” </p>

<p>Greg Jackson, Chief Executive of Tangent One, said: “It is a great compliment to have been chosen to help transform the Labour Party’s online campaigning activity. The LabourList provides a place for Labour-minded people to have a powerful online voice and helps key messages to move into the mainstream agenda.” </p>

<p>In addition to creating the website, Tangent One is providing Derek Draper with the platform from which he will be driving visitors to the website - the daily Lunchtime List. It is an e-newsletter which will contain the highlights of news and debate from the LabourList each day.

Published on: 5:36AM on 13th January 2009