<p>This week the Labour Party are launching a spoof shadow ‘Web Cabinet’ meeting on <a href="http://www.labour.org.uk/webcabinet">www.labour.org.uk/webcabinet</a&gt; to communicate in a creative way to their supporters and beyond the Conservatives' 'do nothing' approach to the current global downturn. It has been created to encourage sharing by supporters online.</p>

<p>The shadow ‘Web Cabinet’ idea was devised and designed by Tangent One, a leading full service digital agency, who are the Labour Party’s retained new media agency; and were behind the re-launch the Labour Party’s website before its conference in September 2008.</p>

<p>The copy of the shadow ‘Web Cabinet’ meeting was drafted by the Labour Party.</p>

<p>This spoof is the latest in a number of innovative tactics that the Labour Party and Tangent One have devised over the last year to creatively communicate Labour’s messages via the web. A previous example that ran in November 2008 was the online publication on the Labour website covering the imagined policy ramblings of David Cameron in his schoolboy exercise book.</p>

<p>Greg Jackson, Chief Executive of Tangent One, said: “It’s great to work with the Labour Party because they are so open to using the web creatively to communicate their messages. They realise that people increasingly live their lives online, and this is a highly effective way to communicate with an audience they might have struggled to target in the past. While these campaigns are beginning to make a real splash in the world of online politics, we're really only scratching the surface of bringing mass participation politics online and we're tremendously excited about the opportunities to be realised in the very near future.”

Published on: 1:40PM on 13th January 2009