<p>With its focus on digital marketing, CRM and “technology for marketing”, TFM&A 2009 which takes place on the 24th and 25th of February in Earls Court 2, London, provides the perfect platform for Intellitracker to showcase Intellitracker Enterprise, its visitor centric web analytics platform.</p>

<p>This year Intellitracker will be unveiling Visitor Profiler on stand D11. Visitor Profiler is a new suite of behavioural targeting tools which allow a user of Intellitracker Enterprise to profile and segment website visitors based on their actions. Out-of-the-box integration with leading email and CRM systems, including Magellan, CreatorMail, CommuniGator, MailAgent and Neolane enables the use of this information to personalise marketing communications, optimise response rates and analyse the resultant improvements.</p>

<p>Visitor Profiler brings together Intellitracker’s existing ability to identify website visitors, record their activities and provide scheduled reports of this to third party systems.</p>

<p>Commenting on the launch, David Hudson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Intellitracker said: “Visitor Profiler enables a business to target marketing messages specifically to those visitors most likely to engage. The result is better email open rates, better campaign response and dramatic improvements in conversion rates.”</p>

<p>Intellitracker have provided website visitor data to third party applications for some time, but until now have always done this as part of a bespoke project. Visitor Profiler takes everything Intellitracker have learned from these projects and delivers real results without the need for expensive implementation. It works out-of-the-box and provides users with impressive improvements in response rates quickly and easily.</p>

<p>Visitor Profiler allows website visitor segmentation to be based on any combination of the search terms used, the content viewed, the products purchased or the activity performed. This can be used to improve campaign targeting and personalise the messages used. Once a campaign has been delivered, reports are instantly available which analyse the visitor segment and assess the impact of the marketing activity.</p>

<p>Tailored visitor information can be scheduled and made available to email and CRM systems for inclusion within their segmentation models. Users wishing to perform complex propensity modelling can also use the information to add website visitor activity information to their models.</p>

<p>Intellitracker’s innovative and refreshing approach enables users of Intellitracker Enterprise to put their web data to work. Visitor Profiler redefines web analytics as “visitor analytics” which now has a clear purpose above and beyond simple board room statistics. Visitor analytics enables businesses to improve their performance by delivering targeted marketing communications.</p>

<p>Further information for editors:
<br />Intellitracker Ltd (<a href="http://www.intellitracker.com">www.intellitracker.com</a&gt;) was founded in 1997 and is based in London, United Kingdom. The company develops and markets the Intellitracker Enterprise interactive business intelligence suite and provides professional services in support of this. Intellitracker Enterprise is recognised as one of the leaders in the field of online analytics and is used by organisations including Daily Mail, Loot, Oxfam, and TUI.</p>

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Published on: 7:47AM on 13th January 2009