<p>World Vision already benefiting from new affiliate marketing program</p>

<p>dgm, the UK’s most experienced affiliate network has launched dgmDonates, an affiliate marketing program driving new sources of revenue to the charity sector.</p>

<p>dgmDonates is an innovative program which offers registered charities a cost effective entry into the affiliate marketing arena, reducing the risks and the costs. In addition, dgm has waived all setup fees for campaigns which are active within six weeks, and has also reduced its commission. Furthermore dgm will make a reimbursement to the charities for every £1,000 of gross revenue earned by dgmDonates.</p>

<p>“We are proud to announce the launch of dgmDonates and are thrilled to have developed a program that will benefit charities in the UK by driving more traffic to their sites, at minimal cost,” said Carl Davis, dgm's CEO . “In challenging economic times people tighten their belts and charities can often be the first to feel the effects. We hope that through dgmDonates we will be able to ‘give back’ by enabling charity marketing managers the chance to set up an innovative new revenue stream at no cost and no risk.”</p>

<p>dgmDonates has already benefited the networks current third sector clients including World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide.</p>

<p>“World Vision was already enjoying the benefits of affiliate marketing and we have now been moved on to the dgmDonates program. We believe it to be a very innovative and practical move to gain further support from third sector organisations,” said Matt Marlow, Online Marketing Manager at World Vision. “Not only is there no risk in terms of cost or commitment to the program, but the team at dgm have made the set up process extremely straightforward with no demand on us or further resource.”</p>

<p>dgmDonates is open to any charity in the UK with a registered number. </p>

<p>For further information please contact Chris Russell-Smith, emailing <a href="mailto:chris.russell-smith@dgm-uk.com">chris.russell-smith@dgm-uk.com</a> at dgm or call on 020 7943 4266. </p>

<p>Further information on dgmDonates is also available via our website <a href="http://www.dgm-uk.com">http://www.dgm-uk.com</a&gt;

Published on: 8:52AM on 13th January 2009