<p>At the end of 2008 Marks and Spencer announced their international delivery service. This was made possible through the MetaPack Delivery Management System. M&S tendered out the international project to three companies, MetaPack emerging as the clear winners proving the benchmark of processing 50 thousand parcels and hour was possible and that they had the ability to deal with the nuances that international shipping can cause.</p>

<p>The MetaPack software manages various address formats and postcodes as well as producing the required export documents and label formats which adhere to the requirements of the carriers used and the customs authorities involved. MetaPack DMS goes even further and chooses the most appropriate carrier with regards to location, service, and weight as well as providing tracking information across carriers all on one screen.</p>

<p>“This was definitely a strategic decision with the run up to Christmas meaning UK customers could send goods from their favourite British store, to friends and loved ones overseas. And the take up has been great, with a peak on the 8th December (a day before their United States and Canada Christmas delivery cut off date),” says Patrick Wall, CEO of MetaPack.</p>

<p>The installation was fully complete and operational by the second day.</p>

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Published on: 4:07AM on 19th January 2009