<p>MetaPack has helped Pentand Brands (Speedo, Boxfresh, Clerk & Teller, Kickers and One True Saxon being among some of them) move into the B2C market. Previously only selling through resellers, Guy Edmondson, DC Manager, explains the reasons for the shift, “on-line selling gives any brand potentially far greater market penetration than it otherwise might have had, and complete control over how the brand and the range is presented to the end-consumer.”</p>

<p>The reason they chose MetaPack Delivery Manager rather than duplicate their B2B delivery system is “quite simply because the majority of our direct customers are not WMS-led, and even those that are do not have direct links to any carriers' systems. MetaPack was able to be directly linked to our website platform, and has a number of advantages, most notably, it removes and automates the packers' decision about which carrier and service to use, so leading to reduced error and costs, and secondly automates the production of the carriers' label.” Mr Edmondson continues, “when you are dealing with hundreds of small orders per day, the ability to default to the most cost-effective shipping and accurate carrier-label production, and the ability to maximise daily throughput by reduced 'pack time per order' becomes very important.”</p>

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Published on: 4:08AM on 19th January 2009