26 July 2004: Sporting Index, the world leader in sports spread betting has chosen Site Intelligence, as its main provider of website analytics software.

The website analytics company has installed its Visitor Behaviour Information System (VBIS) to track Sporting Index's online user behaviour and to analyse its online data.

Steve Beard, systems manager, Sporting Index said: "As a world leader we look to partner with companies that have a similar philosophy for working together and Site Intelligence was a perfect fit.

"The VBIS website analytics tool gives us a valuable reporting capability to track and analyse customer activity on our website and also helps us understand how our other channels such as mobile and interactive TV are being used."

Using VBIS enables the company to gain more meaningful analysis of the masses of online data generated by the large number of online transactions on the Sporting Index site (www.sportingindex.com), as well as more in-depth evaluation of its online marketing campaigns.

Andrews Stevens, corporate sales manager, Site Intelligence said: “For a global company such as Sporting Index, with the majority of its business traded online, it's imperative that it understands how its customers use its site.

"Using VBIS allows Sporting Index to ensure the best possible experience for its customers while maximising its own ebusiness revenues."

VBIS version 2.1 includes the VBIS SiteViewer which provides a graphical map of visitor activity and navigation around a website. The map clearly shows where the most valuable visitors are coming from, and identifies any bottlenecks in the navigation process. It also illustrates any level of detail, from a general overview of the whole site, to an in-depth view of individual areas – even to the level of a single product page.


Site Intelligence (www.site-intelligence.co.uk) is a specialist in website analytics, providing detailed analysis of website visitors and their behaviour, enabling its clients to improve their ebusiness strategies.

Based in Oxfordshire, the company develops and markets the industry-leading VBIS software system for analysis of website visitors.

Site Intelligence’s services include:

· Bespoke visitor intelligence software systems
· Visitor auditing and monitoring service
· Expert consultancy on website visitor analysis

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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th July 2004