<p>The e-commerce platforms market is thriving as consumers increasingly purchase products through the internet, according to a report published by Econsultancy this month.</p>

<p>Research for Econsultancy’s E-commerce Platforms Buyer’s Guide 2009 found that the ecommerce market will grow by 15% to a value of £540 million in 2009, despite the gloom surrounding the wider economy.</p>

<p>Econsultancy’s Research Director Linus Gregoriadis said: “Companies are investing in e-commerce because this is one of the few rays of sunshine in the beleaguered business world at the moment. However, companies can’t rely on their digital channels to deliver unless they get best-of-breed technology and the most suitable platform.</p>

<p>“The best e-commerce platforms have demonstrated repeatedly that they are able to generate higher levels of revenue, by focusing on elements such as usability and SEO and helping to streamline e-business.”</p>

<p>This market valuation reflects the combined revenues of e-commerce platform vendors alongside associated e-commerce technologies such as on-site search, analytics and optimisation.</p>

<p>Key market trends identified in the report include:</p>

<p>-) Offline world realises the importance of e-commerce
<br />-) Site owners use data to optimise e-commerce performance
<br />-) Retailers seek to differentiate, and embrace users
<br />-) Multi-channel firms strive for an integrated approach</p>

<p>About the E-commerce Platforms Buyer’s Guide</p>

<p>The guide is aimed at companies who are investigating the e-commerce platforms market, with profiles of 23 leading UK vendors. The guide also provides details on the various issues and trends affecting this sector, as well as plenty of advice about how to select the right platform. </p>

<p>Which vendors/technology platforms are featured in the buyer’s guide?</p>

<p>Actinic, Broadvision, BT Fresca, ChannelAdvisor, Design UK, Digivate, eCommera, e-inbusiness, Ekm Systems, ePages, eSellerPro, GSI Commerce, Hybris, Imano, Maginus, Moneyspyder, Motive, Pod1, Quicklive Commerce, Red Technology, Screen Pages, Snow Valley and Venda</p>

<p>Report URL <a href="http://econsultancy.com/reports/e-commerce-platforms-buyer-s-guide-2009">http://econsultancy.com/reports/e-commerce-platforms-buyer-s-guide-2009</a></p&gt;

<p>Media contacts:
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<p>Jake Hird, Analyst, Econsultancy.com
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Published on: 10:53AM on 23rd January 2009