<p>Press Release
<br />26 January 2009</p>

<p>Reinforcing its position at the forefront of usability and user experience design, Human Factors International (HFI) is launching a dynamic, one-day workshop entitled “From Batteries to Blogging – a user experience-based technology journey into today’s mobile phones”. The workshop will be run in London on 25 February and 22 April 2009. </p>

<p>Led by Scott Weiss, HFI’s Executive Director EMEA, the workshop is designed to bring product marketers and user experience professionals up to speed with today’s cutting edge technologies. The workshop’s four sessions will be discussion-based with delegates actively participating in frank round-table talks about implementation strategies, challenges, and opportunities in the marketplace. </p>

<p>The day will begin with a 90-minute overview of high level technology. As today’s mobile phone has a large set of interdependent technologies, this session will cover processors and radios, power and batteries, Global and Assisted Positioning Systems, operating systems, security, browsers and rendering engines. </p>

<p>This will be followed by a session concentrating on input hardware - keypads, touch pads and screens, haptics, joysticks, and trackballs – from both the technical and user experience perspectives. </p>

<p>The user experience layer will also be explored. At the high level there are Google Gears, Yahoo!, Blueprint, Openwave’s MIDAS, Windsets, Alltel’s Celltop, TAT, and Qualcomm’s UI One, while in between there are Opera and Flash Lite, and at the low level, J2ME, JavaFX, and SVGT 1.2. What do these layers mean and how can they impact on the user experience? </p>

<p>The day will draw to a close by focusing on how these technologies come together to enable application and mobile website design and development. Strategies, technologies, and solutions will be discussed, along with ways to ease the developer’s burden to achieve a rapid and cost-effective launch of new handsets. </p>

<p>Not to be missed by product marketers seeking a fast overview of mobile phone components and a deeper understanding of the technologies and inter-relationships between providers. The workshop will also provide a solid, technology grounding for user experience professionals new to mobile. </p>

<p>To find out more or to book, contact Tomasz Kuskowski on 0207 290 3430, email <a href="mailto:europe@humanfactors.com">europe@humanfactors.com</a> or visit <a href="http://www.humanfactors.com/europe/mobileworkshop.asp">www.humanfactors.com/europe/mobileworkshop.asp</a></p&gt;


<p>For further information, please contact Scott Weiss, Executive Director EMEA, Human Factors International, Tel: +44 (0)207 290 3432,
<br />Mobile: +44 (0)7717 413 379, Email: <a href="mailto:scott.weiss@humanfactors.com">scott.weiss@humanfactors.com</a>
<br />or visit <a href="http://www.humanfactors.com/Europe">www.humanfactors.com/Europe</a></p&gt;

<p>For media enquiries, please contact Jane Allardice, Jane Allardice Communications Ltd, Tel: +44 (0)1273 467 634, Email: <a href="mailto:jallardice@jac-pr.com">jallardice@jac-pr.com</a></p>

<p>Notes to Editors</p>

<p>1. The one-day workshop, “From Batteries to Blogging – a user experience-based technology journey into today’s mobile phones” will be held on 25 February and 22 April 2009 at 16 Albemarle Street, London WIS 4HW. The price per delegate is £375 plus VAT. A 10% discount is available if three or more people from the same company attend. The workshop runs from 9 am to 4.30 pm. </p>

<p>2. Scott Weiss is based in HFI’s London office, where he leads user interface design, usability research, user experience curriculum development, and usability institutionalisation projects for clients, including AT&T, BT, GSK, Thomson-Reuters, and Vodafone. He is well known for his passion for the mobile user experience, his first book, "Handheld Usability" and related blog (<a href="http://handheldusability.wordpress.com">http://handheldusability.wordpress.com</a&gt;). He recently spoke at Informa's Mobile User Experience conference in London on the iPhone's competitive opportunities and taught a workshop on user experience strategy and implementation. He chaired Handsets World USA in San Diego and ran the Mobile Design and Development Platforms workshop. Other recent speaking engagements include the Euro IA Summit in Amsterdam where he presented Documenting Mobile 2.0 Information Architecture and Mobile Social Networking at the Monetize Web 2.0 & Mobile Social Networking Conference in London.</p>

<p>3. HFI is a global company specialising in usability and user experience design. It works with clients to develop websites and products that are persuasive, engaging, and easy to use. Its methodology for user-centred design, which is ISO-certifiable, is based on principles drawn from human-computer interaction, ergonomics, psychology and marketing.

Published on: 2:53AM on 26th January 2009