<p>26th January 2009</p>

<p>-) More internet professionals using widgets for customised business information.
<br />-) Greater use of software-as-a-service by companies both for on-site search and for a range of other business functions.
<br />-) Many traditional publishers still struggling to move businesses online.</p>

<p>Advertisers will be focusing heavily on performance-based types of advertising during 2009 as the worldwide recession continues to bite, according to business-to-business research published this week by Econsultancy and Convera.</p>

<p>The Vertical Search (B2B) Report 2009, produced by digital research publisher Econsultancy and sponsored by vertical search specialist Convera, examines the benefits of industry-specific search engines for users, publishers and advertisers.</p>

<p>Other key research findings included:</p>

<p>-) Two thirds of respondents (67%) said that the “need to find information quickly” is the main advantage of vertical search engines from the perspective of business users. </p>

<p>-) Digital marketing professionals are more likely than a year ago to be using widgets (either desktop or in-browser) that provide customised internet marketing and business information (now 47% of respondents compared to 35% a year ago).</p>

<p>-) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is being widely used by companies both for on-site search and for a range of other functions. More than half of survey respondents report that their businesses are using SaaS for email (77%), web hosting (74%), sales and marketing (62%), CMS (59%), file and assets storage (57%), site search (57%) and ad serving (51%).
<br />
<br />-) Overall, 91% of publishers surveyed make use of search log analytics, and 28% refer to this data frequently. Only a third of publishers (36%) say they derive strategic value from this data.</p>

<p>The study, which follows on from a similar piece of research published a year ago, examines how digital marketing professionals are finding work-related information online, looking at the use of both popular search engines and industry-specific websites. </p>

<p>It also looks specifically at the issues facing publishers and advertisers. </p>

<p>The research found that more than three quarters (78%) of advertisers are planning to increase their spending on CPA (cost-per-action/acquisition) formats this year.
<br />
<br />As well as CPA advertising, cost-per-lead (CPL) advertising, which is also performance-based, will also be a major area of focus with two third of advertisers (67%) expecting increased spending in this area. </p>

<p>Similarly, just under half of advertisers will increase their spending on cost-per-click (CPC) whereas only 29% say their spending on CPM (cost-per-mille / online display advertising) will increase this year. </p>

<p>Linus Gregoriadis, Econsultancy’s Research Director, said: “CPM is already suffering as advertisers turn their attention to performance-based formats to ensure that they can get clearly measurable returns.”</p>

<p>He added: “Publishers are facing extremely challenging times and, more than ever, need to think about how they can adapt to trends such as the growing appeal of performance-based advertising and the increased use of widgets.”</p>

<p>According to the research, the growth of software-as-a-service (SaaS) can be attributed to the convenience of having an IT infrastructure maintained by the provider which is cited as a major benefit by 75% of respondents, making it the most significant factor in choosing SaaS.</p>

<p>Gregoriadis added: “The concept of software-as-a-service continues to be immensely popular for a range of business functions because of the convenience, the lower cost of ownership and generally reduced costs.” </p>

<p>The research is based on a survey of more than 500 media and internet marketing professionals, including 152 publishers and 118 advertisers. The survey was carried out online at the end of 2008.</p>

<p>Report URL</p>

<p><a href="http://econsultancy.com/reports/vertical-search-b2b-report">http://econsultancy.com/reports/vertical-search-b2b-report</a&gt; </p>


<p>Journalists and bloggers can email or call Linus Gregoriadis for a complimentary copy of the report and / or further information. </p>

<p>Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director, Econsultancy
<br />(e: linus AT e-consultancy.com t: + 44 (0)207 681 4051 / + 44 (0) 7956 564713)</p>

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