<p>Lynchpin Analytics, one of the UK’s leading analytics companies, has been appointed partner by leading European flight search engine, Skyscanner to track the revenue it creates for airlines.</p>

<p>Currently targeting international airlines, Skyscanner needs a simple way to demonstrate to new airline partners the qualified traffic, bookings and revenue it can generate.</p>

<p>Lynchpin has developed a custom tracking solution for Skyscanner that will help the company’s rapid growth and plans to become the world’s number one online resource for flight information. </p>

<p>Lynchpin’s Managing Director, Andrew Hood explains: “Skyscanner is a search engine technology company operating in the fiercely competitive travel sector. Many airlines do not have the analytics they need to gain a clear picture of their profitable search partners. We have developed a solution that will transparently link the airline’s revenue directly back to its source at Skyscanner.</p>

<p>Skyscanner shows as many airline prices as possible, allowing users to browse prices easily and flexibly. Skyscanner then links the user to the airline or travel agent site where the transaction is made.</p>

<p>Jenny Herbison, Skyscanner Account Manager comments: “Within our business online visibility is critical. We chose Lynchpin as a partner as they showed such a great understanding of our business. We were not given an off the shelf package, but a solution that was completely tailored to our needs. The support that we have been given from Lynchpin has surpassed our expectations.”</p>

<p>This news follows a recent announcement of Lynchpin’s first project with HMV and the contract consolidates the company’s position as a major provider of business consultancy and online strategy for top UK businesses such as HSBC, Marks & Spencer Money and Airtours.</p>

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<br /><a href="http://www.skyscanner.net">http://www.skyscanner.net</a></p&gt;


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Published on: 2:11AM on 27th January 2009