<p>Brand monitoring and domain name management experts, NetNames, today launches ImageFlare, a tool to capture misrepresentations of corporate logos online. In response to the rapid growth of cybercrime and logo abuse, ImageFlare offers customers and prospects valuable and manageable insight into infringements against their logos, so that companies can deal with the most severe cases effectively.</p>

<p>Jonathan Robinson, Chief Operating Officer, NetNames commented, “The power of a logo should not be underestimated. Logos are a strong representative of a brand, creating trust and inspiring customer loyalty. It’s therefore vital that companies work with experts in this field to protect their identities online and put a stop to any brand infringement activity.” He continued, “Our ImageFlare technology is a unique search facility that can report on where your logo or image is being used and abused on the Internet. It also offers the most advanced filtering systems available today, ensuring that brand protection need not be a headache to control.”</p>

<p>Targeted at a broad range of industry sectors, spanning but not exclusive to, luxury goods retailers, pharmaceutical companies, banks and gaming companies, ImageFlare trawls the web in search of logo infringements, according to a list of pre-defined keywords. The technology then takes a snapshot of the logo, breaking it down into recognisable elements that the technology can search for. The results of the search are then made available in a customer-friendly online interface, enabling brand owners to see 10-15 infringement results per month, which they can subsequently act on.</p>

<p>ImageFlare is an add-on to Brand Monitor, one of NetNames’ existing brand protection tools that trawls the web to find out who has ‘borrowed’ images from corporate websites and revealing who is using your company name in association with gambling or pornography sites, or for their own monetary gain. Further details on ImageFlare can be found at <a href="http://www.netnames.com/platinum/Brand+monitoring+solutions/NetNames_ImageFlare">http://www.netnames.com/platinum/Brand+monitoring+solutions/NetNames_ImageFlare</a&gt;.

Published on: 2:23AM on 27th January 2009