<p>Digital creative agency Delete has created an online campaign for UKTV, working with creative agency Watermill London who were commissioned to devise a launch campaign for Eden – the first of UKTV’s factual portfolio to re-launch as part of its ongoing network rebrand.</p>

<p>Delete’s brief was to bring Watermill’s 'You are Here' creative approach, that included inspiring imagery, to life online in an engaging way. </p>

<p>To capture the essence of the channel’s informative nature Delete chose to combine imagery with fascinating facts about each subject through a series of animated Flash Banners that will drive traffic to the Eden Channel's official website.</p>

<p>“Revealing facts as part of the animation was a great way to capture the viewer’s attention and draw them into exploring the new channel with a direct link through to the channel’s website.” Said Damon Mangos Creative Director Delete.</p>

<p>Translating the notion of 'taking you places you would never have imagined' has been achieved by visually zooming the user closer and closer to a central image in the banner creative, revealing a fact at each stage of the zoom, and gradually building towards the most fascinating fact. </p>

<p>Delete researched each subject in detail and refined it down into 3 bite-sized facts for each subject. The zoom transition is designed to emulate the high-tech target and zoom function of a camera.</p>

<p>The online campaign includes full spec banner campaign consisting of 3 different creative routes (Shark, K2 Mountain and Spider). There are multiple ad units for each creative subject allowing the UKTV to alternate the creative throughout the campaign based on performance and in order to keep the audience inspired over the duration of the campaign.</p>

<p>UKTV’s Factual Marketing Manager, Sara Holt, says, “Delete have done an excellent job of translating and integrating the very essence of Eden - the world's best natural history, adventure and exploration content, all delivered with a daily shot of astonishment – in their online work.” </p>

<p>To coincide with Eden’s launch on Sky and Virgin on Monday 26th January, Delete’s online campaign will appear on 6 sites: Rough Guide, Yahoo, The Guardian, Value Click network (nature/ travel), DC Mag and TV Guide. Watermill’s work will appear nationwide on nearly 2,000 poster sites (both 96 and 48 sheets) for one month and as double page spreads in the selected national press and magazines, including The Guardian, The Times, The Week and New Scientist. It will also include a series of appointment-to-view adverts promoting key premieres on Eden, including Ray Mears Goes Walkabout, Tribe and Planet Earth, in national press.</p>

<p>With a very healthy six figure value, Eden’s off-air launch campaign has been planned and booked by UKTV’s incumbent media agency, Rocket phd. Other elements of the new channel’s multi-layered marketing campaign overseen by UKTV’s Sara Holt include Red Bee Media’s 30 second launch promo - which also features Watermill’s “You are here” red arrow and end line - and a number of high-profile contra-based partnerships to extend the campaign’s reach (to be announced shortly).</p>

<p>Eden will go live on-air at 9am on 26th January with a schedule packed full of high-end premieres - from the scale and beauty of Superstorm, Ganges, and Wild China to the revelation and intimacy of Tribe (series 3), Elephant Diaries (series 2), and Tribal Wives - that will play alongside landmark series such as Planet Earth, Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival, Life of Mammals and Full Circle with Michael Palin. A complementary website with the url <a href="http://www.exploreeden.co.uk">www.exploreeden.co.uk</a&gt; will also launch on the same day.</p>

<p>Supported with the end line “One amazing world. One amazing TV channel”, the new multi-platform brand will target upmarket couples in their 30s and 40s with children who love being taken outside of their day-to-day lives to have their minds and imaginations stretched. Looking for intelligent engagement and mental stimulation for both themselves and their children, they enjoy watching premium quality adventure, world exploration and natural history that makes them feels like they have learned something. </p>

<p>Following the successful rebrand of UKTV’s entertainment portfolio as Dave, G.O.L.D., Watch and Alibi, Eden will be the first of the British broadcaster’s factual channels to be re-launched, closely followed by UKTV People and UKTV History as Blighty and Yesterday later in Q1 2009. Three complementary websites will be launched to coincide with the changes. The final wave of the network’s ambitious rebrand to create a portfolio of multiplatform brands will be completed in Q2 2009 with the re-launch of its lifestyle offerings.
<br />
<br />Credits:</p>

<p>Project name: Eden launch
<br />Client: UKTV
<br />Client names: Tom Lucas, Marketing and Communications Director, UKTV Sara Holt, Factual Marketing Manager, UKTV
<br />Adrian Wills, Eden and Blighty Channel Head, UKTV
<br />Creative agency: Watermill
<br />Copywriter: Watermill
<br />Art Director: Watermill
<br />Planner (creative agency): Watermill</p>

<p>Digital agency: Delete
<br />Creative Director: Damon Mangos
<br />Art Directors: Tom Dougherty / Eilidh Ratcliffe
<br />Design Lead: Matt Barron
<br />Account Manager: Roxanne Courtman</p>

<p>Photographer: Steve Gschmeissner /Science Photo Library (Insect SEM)
<br />Gavriel Jecan / DanitaDelimont.com (K2 Mountain)
<br />Doug Perrine / Oxford Scientific Films (Shark Mouth)
<br />Media planning/buying: phd Rocket
<br />Media spend: A healthy six figures
<br />Exposure: Print, poster and online
<br />
<br />Notes to Editors</p>

<p>About UKTV (<a href="http://www.uktv.co.uk">www.uktv.co.uk</a&gt;)
<br />Formed in 1997, UKTV is an independent commercial joint venture, between BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, and Virgin Media. Attracting 34 million viewers each month, the network consists of 10 distinctive TV channels – Watch, G.O.L.D., Dave, Alibi, UKTV Style, UKTV Food, UKTV Gardens, UKTV History, UKTV Documentary and UKTV People – offering a broad range of quality programming across entertainment, lifestyle and factual programming. UKTV currently operates 18 broadcast streams when multiplexes (+1s) and broadband are taken into account, and 11 highly successful websites. </p>

<p>Promising to creatively connect its audiences with great programming, UKTV’s successful programming strategy combines quality content from the BBC with high profile original commissions and key acquisitions. </p>

<p>All UKTV channels are distributed on Sky and Virgin Media. Dave and UKTV History are also available on Freeview. </p>

<p>About Delete - A Space for Ideas <a href="http://www.deletelondon.com">www.deletelondon.com</a></p&gt;

<p>Based in Clerkenwell, Delete is a digital creative agency. They offer their clients original strategic and creative thinking - not pre-packaged solutions - backed up with design and technical excellence.</p>

<p>Having built Delete over five years from the ground up to, currently, a team of 25, they possess the true grit of an entrepreneurial spirit and understand how to translate this into success through all work for their clients businesses.</p>

<p>Delete's vision is capture an audience’s imagination - with powerful digital experiences</p>

<p>Black is White, Everything you know is wrong - This is the way Delete start all conversations. It's a challenge to their clients - to turn our thinking on its head and let them be Deleted.</p>

<p>To Delete is to create an opportunity after all.</p>

<p>Clients include Match.com, GAME, Ministry of Sound, French Connection, Virgin, Virgin Atlantic (US), BaByliss, O2, Renault, Betfair, Mayor of London, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Camden Town Unlimited, Sahara and Epson.</p>

<p>For more information, please contact:
<br />For Delete
<br />Karen Durham-Diggins at kddPR
<br />t: +44 (0) 20 8989 2541
<br />e: <a href="mailto:kdd@easynet.co.uk">kdd@easynet.co.uk</a>
<br />m: +44 (0) 7808 584 624</p>

<p>For Watermill:
<br />Jane Austin, Sam Solley or Gemma Collins at Austin O’Brien on: 020 7485 3222
<br /><a href="mailto:Jane@austinobrien.co.uk">Jane@austinobrien.co.uk</a>/ <a href="mailto:sam@austinobrien.co.uk">sam@austinobrien.co.uk</a>/ <a href="mailto:gemma@austinobrien.co.uk">gemma@austinobrien.co.uk</a></p>

<p>Rebecca Edwards, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, UKTV
<br />020 7299 6261 / 07974 985 453
<br /><a href="mailto:Rebecca.edwards@uktv.co.uk">Rebecca.edwards@uktv.co.uk</a> </p>


Published on: 3:24AM on 28th January 2009