<p>Channel 4 New Media Adsales has signed an agreement with Magenta Technology to use Maxifier (<a href="http://www.maxifier.com">www.maxifier.com</a&gt;), its online ad-optimization tool, to introduce real-time optimization into its online campaigns.</p>

<p>The contract will see New Media AdSales using Maxifier on all its online advertising campaigns. For the first time this will enable the New Media Adsales team to optimize the entire inventory performance of Channel 4 in terms of online delivery and click-thru rates simultaneously for both <a href="http://www.channel4.com">www.channel4.com</a&gt; and <a href="http://www.e4.com">www.e4.com</a&gt;. Maxifier interfaces with industry-standard ad servers, considers all campaign parameters and using historical network patterns recommends how to optimize the overall ad-network. </p>

<p>Ed Couchman, Group Commercial Manager, New Media Adsales, said: “We’re constantly looking for ways to give advertisers greater value when they run campaigns on <a href="http://www.channel4.com">www.channel4.com</a&gt;. During live trials period Maxifier uplifted the click-thru rate on specific campaigns by over 100% and improved our delivery efficiencies across both c4.com and e4.com. We’re confident that by partnering with Magenta and offering all our advertisers the benefit of Maxifier we’ll enhance campaigns further. In short, we’re giving advertisers more bang for their buck.”</p>

<p>David Brebner, Executive Vice President responsible for Maxifier, said: “The current economic conditions are accelerating interest in our technology. Channel 4, like other customers, has experienced immediate and extra revenues through optimised performance. Channel 4, as an early adopter of Maxifier, is getting ahead of the game by significantly enhancing the value of its inventory.”</p>


<p>Contact: Vicky Powell, Channel 4 - 020 7306 3636 <a href="mailto:vpowell@channel4.co.uk">vpowell@channel4.co.uk</a> </p>

<p>Contact; David Brebner, Magenta - +44 7768 143 214 <a href="mailto:david.brebner@maxifier.com">david.brebner@maxifier.com</a> - <a href="http://www.maxifier.com">www.maxifier.com</a&gt;

Published on: 1:27AM on 30th January 2009