<p>NetInsight eBusiness Consultancy (<a href="http://www.net-insight.co.uk">www.net-insight.co.uk</a&gt;) have been selected by THF Ltd, one of the South West's prominent developers of affordable housing. THF specialise in identifying sites for affordable housing within the South West and developing original housing concepts and structures enabling housing to be provided without public subsidy.</p>

<p>At NetInsight we are a UK-based provider of eBusiness Consultancy. We work with clients that understand the importance of creating a successful website, but want technical guidance to avoid the virtual minefield that is the internet. We act as 100% impartial consultants, translating technical jargon and enabling businesses to make the right decisions, from design through to on-line sales, ensuring you secure the best return for your on-line investment.</p>

<p>THF Ltd chose NetInsight for this project because of our unique approach to the project, setting themselves apart from companies due to our 100% impartial involvement, and ability to work along side THF to ensure the project is a success.</p>

<p>Mike Reed of NetInsight said "We are delighted to be working with THF Ltd on this project especially if it means creating a greater awareness of affordable housing in the region. Affordable housing is always sparse and giving more people access to information about the scheme and the opportunity to apply is fantastic."</p>

<p>THF Ltd have chosen to use NetInsight's full suite of services, Website Planning, Agency Selection &amp; Web Project Management to ensure their new website is delivered on time, on budget, future proofed and brings them maximum ROI.</p>

<p>Clare Ackland, Sales Coordinator for THF said "NetInsight have provided a really valuable service to THF. We don't have the in house expertise to deal with organising and project managing a new website build. NetInsight have provided us with impartial advice which is exactly what we were looking for."</p>

<p>The new website will give Cornish people the opportunity to apply to buy in their own county and also those locals around the world the chance move back to Cornwall. It is due to Launch in March.</p>

Published on: 7:30AM on 4th February 2009