<p>M-Commerce solution for London restaurant chain</p>

<p>KODIME Ltd is pleased to announce it is providing a complete Mobile Marketing and M-Commerce solution for Firezza, a London-based chain of specialist pizza restaurants. The solution, based on KODIME's ZOOMtxt® PRO software, enables advanced mobile campaign management in combination with instant ordering of menu items, directly from any mobile phone, and is expected to deliver new customers and increased sales for Firezza.</p>

<p>Nico Köpke, CEO KODIME, commented: "Mobile marketing and transactions are a perfect match for home delivery of meals such as Firezza's great choice of fresh pizzas. Reminders, special offers and order taking from any mobile phone mean better service, easier ordering and improved marketing ROI for the restaurant. The special nature of mobile CRM allows for very user friendly ordering, using the mobile number to link customer details such as the delivery address automatically. To date, mobile marketing and ordering of home meals has only been deployed by a small number of bigger players. Our implementation using ZOOMtxt PRO proves that professional mobile marketing and m-commerce are now a realistic option also for smaller businesses."</p>

<p>Using the new solution, the marketing and operations team at Firezza are in direct control of outbound campaigns that are highly targeted and timely, and unique for each of the currently 8 branches across London. </p>

<p>Edin Basic, Firezza co-founder, comments:
<br />"We are very excited to be working with Kodime in this new venture. Firezza is the first pizza delivery company in the UK to use mobile ordering and we look forward to making it even easier for our customers to place their orders. I am confident that this new technology will also help us achieve our ambitious growth targets for 2009."</p>

<p>Technical Overview</p>

<p>The ZOOMtxt® PRO solution for Firezza is delivered as Software as a Service, i.e. 100% web based with both application and all data hosted at KODIME's secure data centre. The software connects with all UK mobile networks using shortcode numbers, and enables advanced Mobile Internet sites with dynamic content optimisation, data capture and transactions through premium SMS and PayPal Mobile.</p>

<p>The CRM Module enables</p>

<p>•Audience segmentation by postcodes, numbers of orders, most recent orders etc
<br />•Unlimited groups and profiles
<br />•Imports from the client's existing customer database</p>

<p>The Mobile Marketing Module enables</p>

<p>•Creation out outbound campaigns, personalisation, to specific audience segments
<br />•Scheduling of such campaigns for automatic delivery by weekday and time
<br />•Insertion of links to the Mobile Store, i.e. combine a marketing message with
<br />instant call to action </p>

<p>The M-Commerce Module enables</p>

<p>•Mobile Internet-based storefront, optimised dynamically by handset, from WAP models to the latest iPhone and Blackberry
<br />•Shopping cart to browse, select and place order
<br />•Option to pay on delivery or instantly, using PayPal Mobile</p>

<p>The Reporting Module enables</p>

<p>•Store orders by customer and transactions, total value generated and more
<br />•Live reporting on all messages in and out
<br />•Campaign response tracking, including Mobile Internet click-through</p>

<p>About Firezza</p>

<p>Set up in 2001, Firezza is a London-based chain of premium pizza take-aways, with 8 branches, selling authentic Neapolitan pizza by the metre. It has won many accolades and plaudits from the media including “London’s smartest pizza company” from The Sunday Times. Firezza aims to have a total of 20 stores by 2012.</p>

<p>About ZOOMtxt</p>

<p>ZOOMtxt® PRO is KODIME’s mobile solution for direct marketing and advertising scenarios and available from as little as £299 per month including unlimited support. Clients include the NHS, TNT Post, Gospel Music Channel and many small to medium sized businesses and organisations and their agencies.</p>

<p>About KODIME Ltd</p>

<p>We work with small to medium sized businesses and organisations who have a problem with reaching and connecting with their customers by traditional means. What we do is provide web software solutions so that our clients can easily market and sell via SMS, MMS and the Mobile Internet which means that they can efficiently reach, connect and transact with their customers anytime, anywhere, in an instant.</p>


<p>KODIME Ltd</p>

<p>For further details and a live demo please contact <a href="mailto:pr@kodime.com">pr@kodime.com</a>.
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Published on: 9:41AM on 4th February 2009