Levi’s® Europe have launched their first mobile phone application: Levi’s® Mobile Audio Mixer (MAX, in short). Once downloaded to your phone, the Java programme enables you to compose your own tunes, and also to remix other users’ tunes that have been uploaded to the European website, www.eu.levi.com. All these can then be used as phone ring-tones.

“MAX represents a step forward in developing a community amongst mobile phone users, and we're proud of the way that MAX will enable their creativity." Said Helene Venge, Digital Marketing Manager of Levi’s® Europe.

“To shift the perception of having a music player in everyone's hands to having a music maker was too compelling an opportunity to miss. Play with it for a few minutes and you'll believe you are Bach (or Britney) 2.0". Said Jon Bains, Chairman of Lateral, Levi’s® Europe’s digital communications agency, who created and developed Levi’s® MAX in partnership with Pocket Panic! in Sweden.

MAX allows users to create their own tracks from scratch, select individual instruments from the built-in MIDI library, and compose bar-based songs which they can then save on their phone and use as ring-tones. Unlike other attempts at similar executions on the market, Levi's® MAX is not limited to predefined patterns or sets; just like any real sequencer software, users have full freedom of creativity in terms of composition, instruments, length, and BPM (Beats Per Minute).

In addition to being a standalone sequencer, users can also upload their tracks to the Levi's® website server, and share them with their friends.

Technically speaking, Levi’s® MAX is a full-blown 4-track, 16 voice polyphonic sequencer based on the MIDI format. It runs on handsets supporting J2ME/JSP-135*).

The application is available to download from http://eu.levi.com/max - visit either with your WAP phone or web browser. Download a copy by registering on the site.

(* The recent Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones, and some Siemens, Samsung and Sharp midp1/2 phones.)

As many phones as is possible have been tested and all seem to work well with the MAX - however if there are any problems there is a feedback form on the site and any feedback would be welcome.

If you require further information on Levi’s® Europe, or wish to interview Helene Venge, Levi’s® Europe Digital Marketing Manager, or Jon Bains, Chairman of Lateral, please call Karen Durham-Diggins on +44 (0) 20 8989 2541 or email kdd@easynet.co.uk


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Levi's® Europe continues their focus on innovation in digital media for Fall 2004 by adding a number of new features to its European website, http://www.eu.levi.com, aimed at their target audience of 15-24 year old girls and guys.

The site, developed by Levi's® Europe’s digital marketing agency, Lateral, has already won a bronze Cyber Lion and a BIMA.

All components of the digital campaign are developed by Levi's® Europe’s digital marketing agency Lateral.

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UK based Lateral, established in June 1997, has evolved into a unique consultancy that focuses on providing their clients with creative strategies and then executing them, using a support network of symbiotic business partnerships with specialist companies and their own network of companies.

Their pioneering expertise and professional approach has attracted recognition both within the new media industry, having been awarded several times for their work, as well as the consumer market as can be seen by their client list.

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th November 2004