<p>Shahid Awan has joined keyword research company Wordtracker in the role of Search Evangelist. His role is to develop contact between Wordtracker and the people who use keyword research services, and ensure that they get the most marketing benefit out of their keyword research.</p>

<p>“Search marketing still has much potential, both in SEO and PPC yet many agencies and companies still struggle to get the results they should be getting.” Said Shahid Awan.</p>

<p>Shahid will be concentrating on teaching best practice, helping users get results and showing that keyword research is an important source of market research that gives insights into customer behaviour, identifies major and niche opportunities as well as inspiring creative work including website content and offline advertising campaigns.</p>

<p>Shahid previously worked with Walker Media as SEO Director, where he led a team of people working on some of the largest brands in the world including: Barclays, Vision Express, Kentucy Fried Chicken, Fiat UK, Air New Zealand, With a development background and 7yrs SEO experience both agency and client side, Shahid will be strengthening Wordtracker’s position in the agency world including SEO, digital, marketing and public relations agencies.</p>

<p>“Shahid will bring excellent marketing benefits to Wordtracker’s clients. His agency and client experience enables him to understand their business and show them how keyword research could be used to understand their market, how their competitors are positioning themselves, how to spot gaps that would lead to quick wins and then move on to dominate a space. His ability as an SEO is unquestionable and his ability to present and win business in a highly effective way makes him an invaluable asset to the Wordtracker team. ” Said Ken McGaffin, CMO, Wordtracker.</p>


<p>For further information on Wordtracker and their services please contact:
<br />Karen Durham-Diggins at kddPR
<br />T; 0044 (0) 20 8989 2541
<br />E: <a href="mailto:kdd@easynet.co.uk">kdd@easynet.co.uk</a>
<br />M: 0044 (0) 7808 584 624</p>

<p>Editors Notes:</p>

<p>About Wordtracker:
<br />Wordtracker (<a href="http://www.wordtracker.com">http://www.wordtracker.com</a&gt; ) is a privately owned London business that started in 1997 and provides keyword research services to search engine marketing professionals and website owners worldwide</p>

<p>To succeed online clients need to know what keywords users are searching for and then type into a search box. Wordtracker provides thousands of clients throughout the world with that specialist information.</p>

<p>The Wordtracker Academy was launched in May (<a href="http://www.wordtracker.com/academy">http://www.wordtracker.com/academy</a&gt; ), which is dedicated to helping web sites achieve success and profitability online. The Wordtracker Academy publishes expert articles, case studies and tips and tricks that help people maximize their ROI from keyword research.</p>

<p>Clients include Monster.com, MarketPosition.com, iExposure.com, AsktheBuilder.com, ParkSeeds.com, BrowserMedia.co.uk and a host of other search engine optimization companies.

Published on: 11:54AM on 4th February 2009