<p><a href="http://www.AppliancesOnline.co.uk">www.AppliancesOnline.co.uk</a&gt; is becoming increasingly recognised around the UK as the leading internet appliance retailer and this is only reinforced by the Sunday Times Fast Track Top 100 award for fastest growth in 2008. Given the economic climate that is no mean feat. </p>

<p>Now due to growing popularity and to satisfy customer demands a new website has been launched. </p>

<p>The team at Appliances Online didn’t want to just create a new website based on what they felt was right and decided the best way of re-designing a website would be to conduct customer research and learn how an everyday consumer portrayed the website. Comments from this produced some positive changes and this combined with a new SEO strategy has seen the start of a more defined brand.</p>

<p>Appliances Online launched a brand new look and feel and starting from the homepage, Appliances Online received a complete face lift. A new promotions section was created and proudly displayed at the top of the page bringing customers a choice of brilliant offers. The appliance categories became more defined, splitting out each type of appliance more clearly to allow the customer to find what they were looking for.</p>

<p>The resolution was also increased from 800x600 to 1024x768. It was seen as one of the essential components to the redesigning of the website to make better use of the available space. The old website, especially if viewed on a wide screen monitor as most modern computers are, had too much white space and with more screens being of a higher resolution it was logical for the new website to be 1024x768 to allow the viewable space on the screen to be better used.</p>

<p>Another essential change was navigation. The new Appliances Online website boasts a smoother, slicker, clearer way of navigating. With enhanced search options and more ways to find what you are looking for with an improved filter and a top navigation bar everything was considered to enhance the customer journey. These navigation improvements make locating information as easy as possible.</p>

<p>One change which occurred throughout the site but was most evident on the product page was to change the amount of content being displayed. The old product pages were crowded, this was partially due to the 800x600 resolution. The new resolution, along with changing the content on each page has allowed for clearer and easier to understand information.</p>

<p>In terms of extras to assist the customer in making their decision Appliances Online has recognised the need to provide the customer with desired information to help their buying process. An intelligent advice section was created with relevant content to allow assistance during the decision making process. A news section, videos, glossary and buying guide section all fall under the advice section. The buying guides have had a complete makeover with more relevant information and facts about each appliance type. The news section is now more focused with more articles targeted to what customers are looking for and containing relevant and up to date exciting industry news. With the news section there is also the option to sign up for RSS feeds so you can get the latest news directly and read features of interest. Also, a brand new glossary was created to break down any confusing terminology a customer may not understand.</p>

<p>A customer testimonials section was also added to the new website, Appliances Online is a growing brand and it was important to start displaying customer’s opinions of their experiences. The team at Appliances Online decided to take it one step further and show customers a selection of reviews from well recognised review sites. The new website displays testimonials from Price Runner, Kelkoo and Shopping.com.</p>

<p>Also for each category on the lister page two best buy products appear, these products are not only based on the price but also on the popularity of the product. </p>

<p>Throughout the site in the right hand navigation sits the new ‘Why buy from us?’ section. Appliances Online has a lot to shout about and this handy section sums up what makes the site stand out from the crowd. These points highlight key facts, such as information for the customer about delivery and recycling and connection.</p>

<p>The VeriSign logo is displayed next to the main Appliances Online logo on every page to remind the customer that the website is a secure and trusted place to make a purchase. </p>

<p>The checkout was also revamped with a clearer layout making it easier when it comes to entering personal details. To allow a quicker checkout process less information now needs to be entered by the customer. The method of selecting a delivery date is now more efficient and clear than previously, reducing the time a customer needs to spend at this step of the buying process.</p>

<p>The team at Appliances Online are not slowing down and with exciting ideas just waiting to be launched the online shopping experience for customers will never be the same. Watch this space…</p>


Published on: 8:00AM on 11th February 2009