<p>RedEye, experts in online behavioural marketing and analysis have announced they are to become one of the first UK companies to integrate the advanced reputation tools of Return Path, with their already comprehensive email delivery services.</p>

<p>The new deliverability interface will allow RedEye clients to boost their deliverability rates and manage their reputation as an email sender. </p>

<p>Matthew Kelleher, Commercial Director at RedEye said, “In the last 12 months the deliverability debate has begun to crystallize and it is clear that Return Path is now the market leader in this space. Therefore, we are delighted to be strengthening our relationship with Return Path by further integrating their services with ours. We have received some great results for clients through the advanced delivery monitoring and we are delighted to offer it as a RedEye service. </p>

<p>“RedEye clients who take advantage of the new deliverability interface will be able to independently manage their reputation as an email sender. This puts the clients in complete control of their email program, allowing them to monitor their sending reputation, inbox placement and many other delivery metrics. This in turn will help to fine tune marketing communications, improve their effectiveness and ultimately drive improved ROI.” </p>

<p>Using these deliverability services, RedEye helped Interflora improve their deliverability and increase their open rates. A combination of tracking complaints, data cleanliness, technical compliance and HTML/copy quality resulted in Interflora’s deliverability improving dramatically. </p>

<p>Michael Barringer, Marketing Director at Interflora said, “The team from RedEye has been able to fix our deliverability and open rate issues and help us deliver more orders. Volumes are up significantly year on year, with cost per order down thanks to RedEye”</p>

<p>The advanced reputation tools offered by RedEye and Return Path have helped several RedEye clients achieve impressive results from email campaigns. For one RedEye client this includes an increase of up to 35% in open rates.</p>

<p>Ken Takahashi, VP of Global Channels at Return Path said, “The powerful monitoring tools we offer at Return Path quickly identify problems interfering with campaign success. Companies we accept into a Return Path partnership must meet extremely high standards and we are pleased to have RedEye onboard.”</p>


<p>For further information please contact Katie Traynier on 01908 340 990 or email <a href="mailto:katie.traynier@redeye.com">katie.traynier@redeye.com</a> </p>

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<br />Founded in 1999, Return Path helps commercial email senders get more email delivered to the inbox. Our tools and services give senders the tools and insight to diagnose and prevent email deliverability and rendering failures by improving and maintaining their email sending reputations. Return Path works with both the sending and receiving communities to bring transparent standards to email delivery and filtering. Return Path’s runs the internet’s most widely used third-party whitelist, Sender Score Certified. For more information, please visit <a href="http://www.returnpath.net">www.returnpath.net</a&gt;.

Published on: 6:48AM on 12th February 2009