<p>With over 6.5 billion text messages being sent each month in the UK between consumers, it’s no wonder that financial services and other large organisations are trying to get into that space; if not for servicing then surely for sales. Over the past 12 months Mapa have been monitoring how active the banks and other financial services companies have been.</p>

<p>Those of you who follow mobile financial services in the UK, will no doubt be aware of the battles being fought out between Lloyds TSB and First Direct. Both have been involved in online and offline campaigns to raise awareness of the SMS services they provide. Whilst earlier in 2008 First Direct customers reported receiving most text messages from the innovative direct bank, Lloyds TSB have since massively expanded their SMS activity and are now the UK leader in terms of the number of messages being sent. From 18 financial services providers mentioned by consumers in the research carried out by Mapa, Lloyds TSB accounted for 1 in 4 of all messages received; when you add in First Direct the two providers account for nearly half of the market sector.</p>

<p>The league table is available on our site: <a href="http://www.mapa-uk.com/news-press/Lloyds-TSB-most-active-in-SMS.aspx">http://www.mapa-uk.com/news-press/Lloyds-TSB-most-active-in-SMS.aspx</a></p&gt;

<p>In 2009 it will be interesting to see if any new challengers emerge for the Lloyds TSB top spot! No doubt the current financial crisis will have a bearing on the short term developments for SMS and mobile, however the longer term potential of mobile and SMS in financial services remains strong. With that thought in mind, 2009 sees Mapa adding another layer to our SMS research. This year we will be adding a consumer opinion section to find out how consumers feel about the text messages they receive from large organisations, including non-financial services companies. More information is available on our site: <a href="http://www.mapa-uk.com/what-we-do/Mobile-and-SMS-Monitoring.aspx">http://www.mapa-uk.com/what-we-do/Mobile-and-SMS-Monitoring.aspx</a></p&gt;

<p>Note 1: The research was conducted on behalf of Mapa by YouGov. On a quarterly basis throughout 2008, a representative sample of the UK population were asked if they had received an SMS from a financial services company during that quarter. If so, they were then asked who the message was from and what the message was about.</p>

<p>Note 2: During 2008, Mapa asked over 8,000 consumers whether they had received an SMS from a bank or other financial services provider – on average, 10% of respondents said that they had. The league table shows the breakdown by bank of this 10%.</p>

<p>Note 3: Mapa is an online competitor research agency. Mapa helps clients monitor and understand their position and performance in the market place. Mapa's unique services simulate internet users' experiences by completing customer journeys on a comparative basis in a range of financial services product areas.</p>

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Published on: 7:46AM on 12th February 2009