Zip Television introduces the ‘Zip i-Count’ to its first campaign for United International Pictures: Bridget Jones 2

Zip Television is to launch the first ever research facility to allow advertisers to accurately measure how many viewers press red during an interactive TV campaign. The new tool, called ‘Zip i-Count’, will launch on the iTV campaign for UIP’s Bridget Jones 2: The Edge of Reason. Currently iTV campaigns only measure those viewers that send information back through the return path. Zip has implemented the research tool to measure every single viewer that presses red on the UIP commercial.

According to Guy Abbott, Business Development Director at Zip Television, the aim of the new research tool is to allow advertisers to precisely measure how many people view their interactive TV campaigns.

He says: “Up until now measuring the viewers that press red has been based on an estimate. The industry can tell how many people have entered a competition, or requested further information, as they submit their details through the return path. But those viewers that enter the interactive space and browse, maybe play a game or watch a trailer, and do not enter their details, are not recorded. With ‘Zip i-Count’, we can now measure the exact number of viewers that see the interactive campaign. This is a vital measurement tool for all brand building interactive campaigns which now do not need to rely on a return path mechanism to demonstrate accountability.

On pressing red the viewer will see a brief screen informing them that the set top box is making a call. The call itself occurs in the background whilst the viewer continues with his or her interactive experience. The call is logged and top-line data such as time and the channel viewed can be recorded.

The new research facility is being run for the first time on the interactive advertisement for Bridget Jones 2: The Edge of Reason. In partnership with UIP’s media buying agency Zenith Optimedia, Zip Television has created and is hosting the interactive campaign for UIP. Targeting 16-34 year old women, the red button will be available on adverts screened on Channel 4 and IDS including UK Living.

Steve Hunt, Advertising Director at UIP, comments: “In ZIP TV, United International Pictures has finally found a company who has listened and responded positively to our request for a robust measurable solution to the press red technology. The findings from the ‘Zip i-Count’ research will determine our long term commitment to interactive TV in building experience, expectation, value and interest in our forthcoming product."

Viewers entering the interactive campaign can choose to view the 2-minute trailer for the movie; enter a profiler quiz that reveals whether they are like Bridget, Darcy or Bridget’s mum; enter a competition for a luxury spa weekend; review the main movie characters; and view behind-the-scenes from the movie.

In addition to the ‘Zip i-Count’ research, Zip Television will be using their Zip i-ad Tracker to provide insight into why viewers interacted, what they remember and took out from the ad and interactive elements used and liked. 100 interactors will be interviewed allowing Zip to measure the effectiveness of the Bridget Jones iTV campaign on key performance measures.


Editors notes

About Zip Television
Zip Television is a specialist independent interactive television company.

The company’s aim is to help shape the future of interactive television by developing new products and services that benefit its clients and support the growth of this new industry.

Zip TV has a detailed working knowledge of the iTV landscape in the UK working closely with the major broadcasters and digital platforms. The team’s skills are founded on years of interactive media and creative experience combined with data planning and analysis.

The Zip TV channel is an initiative based on a consortium of advertisers representing 40% of the top 50 TV advertisers. The consortium is taking an active role in the development of this industry as well as share insight and learning to exploit the brand opportunities that this new medium provides.

The Zip TV Channel is the first alternative interactive TV advertising channel. It is available to consortium members and non members who want to use interactive TV backed by research and develop learnings based on their activity.

Members include, Orange, BT, Gillette, P&G, the COI, Unilever, Masterfoods, Camelot, Honda, Reckitt Benckiser and Woolworths.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 18th November 2004