<p>London – February 19th - Investis, Europe’s leading provider of online corporate communications services, is delighted to announce the launch of Chinalco’s corporate website (<a href="http://www.chinalco.com/)">http://www.chinalco.com/)</a&gt;. Chinalco, China's largest diversified mining company, recently announced plans for a strategic partnership with the Anglo-Australian mining group Rio Tinto (<a href="http://www.riotinto.com/)">http://www.riotinto.com/)</a&gt; in a deal worth $19.5bn. The website was designed and built in a matter of weeks and went live to co-incide with the deal announcement.</p>

<p>The website will play a pivotal role in the coming weeks, as investors and regulators scrutinise the deal, which is the largest ever Chinese investment in a foreign company. Investis also produced and webcast the interactive interview of Chinalco’s President Xiao Yaqing, presenting the company to the global financial community and explaining the rationale behind the transaction.</p>

<p>Commenting on the project, Investis Director Al Loehnis said "All too often websites are overlooked in the communication planning for major transactions, with the result that a transformational corporate event becomes simply the latest news release. Websites are the first place that investors and journalists turn to on the announcement of a deal like this, so it's essential that companies take advantage of the opportunity provided to get their message across and to set out the background and context of the deal in their own terms."</p>

<br />For further information please contact: Al Loehnis +44(0)207 038 9005</p>

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Published on: 3:38AM on 19th February 2009