dotMailer, one of the UK’s leading email service providers, has transformed its marketing strategy by placing Webinars at the heart of its lead generation and customer relationship activity. Using Citrix® GoToWebinar® the email marketing company is cost effectively providing product training and delivering a range of product demonstrations to prospects across the UK. By staging as many as five webinars a month, dotMailer is able to communicate on a mass scale for the first time, resulting in increased productivity for their sales and support teams and greater lead generation.

According to Cliff Guy, Head of Marketing, dotMailer, GoToWebinar offered excellent value and ROI: “GoToWebinar is quickly becoming integral to our customer retention strategy, enabling our team to support many clients simultaneously, generate new leads and offer an additional, added-value touch point. Existing clients can quickly and easily learn more about how to maximise the effectiveness of their email marketing from the comfort of their own desk and as a result, we expect the number of our support queries to reduce dramatically. It is the only way we can affordably extend our reach and provide this degree of service to so many customers at one time.”

The Webinars have an educational focus and are presented by senior dotMailer staff, who are able to demonstrate their wide-ranging expertise and provide advice on email marketing best practices. In addition, the dotMailer team use GoToWebinar to run ‘upgrade’ sessions, highlighting the advantages of switching to the latest dotMailer platform and higher enterprise-level pricing plan, thereby increasing up-sell opportunities.
The hosted, web-based tool offers a full range of features that enable dotMailer to easily plan, present, record and analyse an unlimited number of Webinars for up to 1,000 participants, for one flat monthly fee:

• Webinar Dashboard – gives the presenter the ability to monitor Webinar attendance and interest levels using at-a-glance dashboard charts and metrics that identify participants who open other windows or begin checking email
• Question & Answer and Poll Windows – encourages interaction by allowing attendees to ask questions with the ‘raise hand’ button or participate in polls
• Webinar Administration – manages sign-ups and issues reminders to attendees before the start-time
• Post-Event Qualifying – ranks attendees based on interest levels with information stored in a CRM system for easy follow-up

The wide range of analytics and reporting available means dotMailer can quickly assess and compare the success of each session and make necessary changes for future events. It is also possible for the marketing department to assess the most successful events over a longer period so that popular Webinars can be repeated more frequently or with increased pre-event advertising.

“In the current financial climate, it is crucial that companies start looking at ways to reduce costs while continuing to market their services to generate new revenues. At a time when conferences and seminars are becoming less financially viable, Webinars provide the ideal vehicle for delivering valuable content to customers and prospects without the headaches and costs involved with event management,” said Bernardo de Albergaria, Vice President and General Manager, Global Marketing and E-commerce for Citrix Online. “It’s smart business in any economic climate.”

Published on: 2:29AM on 24th February 2009