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When Archway Internet Marketing, Inc was in its conceptual stage, I was working at Website Magazine. I was meeting with many CEOs in the Internet Marketing force. I came up with good ideas on how to reach out to "the local guy," but for long term commitment to my clients, I needed to form an agency of my own. What once seemed a long way off now, has now come together like a jigsaw puzzle with all of the pieces in place. I have the capability toserve large, national companies, as well as small and medium size businesses. Let me create a business solution for your company today, and we both get ahead. I look forward to reaching many more clients in the coming months.

We know that "Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable. " John Jantsch

Our on and offline services:

Archway Online Marketing Techniques

• Search Engine Marketing
Improve web page ranking and visibility on major search engines.
• Blogs
More relevant content equals better rankings.
• Search Engine Optimization
OnPage Content, Off page Hosting and Better Links along with perfect architecture as well as PPC used for the right optimized key words.
• Banner Ads
Banners are a fantastic way of advertising your company or product online.
• Contextual Ads
Contextual Ads are words with in context of someone else's site that links directly to your site because you are relevant to the word on the page.
• Text Ads
Text ads are where you have an advertisement that is nothing more than text. Print Marketing is a fabulous way of getting people to see your business.
Although old fashioned and what some might call "Old School" still tremendously effective.
I have many agreements in place with large corporations to help your company grow in this way!
• E-mail Marketing
Email is like direct mass direct mailing to a list of email purchased or collected through your site or another site that has done the research on what people might open and act on.

Archway Print Marketing Techniques

• Newspaper
Improve the reach of your campaign by getting in the people you want to reach local newspapers.
• Magazines
Improve the reach of your campaign by getting in the magazines of the demographic that you are trying to reach.
• Coupons
Improve your ability to analyze your ROI while giving your potential customers another reason to reach out to your business in a exclusive way.
• YellowPages
Improve your reach of your campaign via a directory that gets delivered to every household across the country or just in the area that matters to you.
• Direct Mail
Improve your reach by adding mailing pieces to your campaign through our many partners in the direct mail area.
• Shopping Carts
Improve your reach of your campaign by being seen in the one place everyone goes to: the grocery store.
• Analytics
There are many programs at little or no cost that allow you to keep track of how your campaigns are doing with conversions.

I look forward to meeting you at the next stop in the road!

Christian Wilson
CIO (Chief Imagination Officer)

Archway Internet Marketing Inc.
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Published on: 10:00AM on 26th February 2009