DES PLAINES, IL – To better serve its customers; has implemented security procedures to ensure the credit card payments it receives are properly authorized by adopting Visa Verified and Mastercard SecureCode credit card processing procedures.

Gemma Piscotti, Director of Marketing & Operations, said that the company chose to add this layer of advanced security because ensuring the integrity of credit card information is imperative during the age of identity theft.

"To offer these added protections is prudent to doing business online," Piscotti said. " has taken many strides over the years to prevent credit card fraud. Some people have said our methods are very strict. However, we have eliminated 99.9% of fraud compared to just a few years ago."

Piscotti explained that these new protections actually will eliminate some steps to authorize credit card payments that were tedious to customers. "Not only is the security level higher, but the process is much simpler," she explained.

Visa Verified protects consumers by requiring a password during online purchases, helping ensure that no unauthorized users may make purchases with a Visa card online. More than 70 percent of consumers surveyed indicate that they would be more likely to make purchases at Web sites offering Verified by Visa protection.

Mastercard SecureCode allows purchases only when a buyer correctly enters their SecureCode during a purchase at a participating online merchant such as Even if an unauthorized user knows a person’s credit or debit card number, a purchase cannot be completed without the buyer’s self-created SecureCode. If an incorrect SecureCode is entered, the purchase is automatically voided.

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Published on: 10:23AM on 27th February 2009