Within any successful business, getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time is absolutely critical, and for retailers this has never been truer than now. With this in mind, Unipower has launched RetailVu, a powerful yet easy to use Business Intelligence tool specifically designed for the retail sector. Among many, RetailVu’s key benefit is its ability to interrogate the information collected by retailers systems and present it in a way that is intuitive and useful to the end user, for example the sophisticated forecasting tools built into the product give you the ability to report on and optimise stock levels.

RetailVu allows you to set and measure key performance indicators across your business at a strategic, tactical and operational level. This in turn assists you to improve and maintain your businesses efficiency. The system makes it easy for you to produce printed board reports and backs these up with drillable reporting and dashboards for real-time analysis. RetailVu provides information in four key areas: Sales and Margins, Stock, Procurement and Distribution, Resource Utilisation and Incentive Management plus Fraud and Shrinkage.

RetailVu is a uniquely powerful business intelligence platform that addresses all of your requirements within a single product that can be deployed rapidly and cost efficiently. Your path to optimised performance could cost much less than you think – call us today to find out how.

For further information about RetailVu or to find out more about Unipower Solutions, please contact Chloe Scarbrow on 01727 890888 or via email at cscarbrow@unipowersolutions.com. Alternatively, please visit our website, www.unipowersolutions.com for further information about our products and services.

Published on: 2:00AM on 2nd March 2009