RedEye, the leader in Online Behavioural Marketing and Analysis, will be presenting a seminar at The Oracle Building, London on Tuesday 17th March. The seminar will cover how Online Behavioural Marketing and Analysis can help improve conversion and can achieve an ROI of over 750%.

During the seminar a range of case studies will be presented to prove the undeniable benefits of Online Behavioural Marketing and Analysis. Case studies will include campaigns for Monarch Airlines and Butlins.

Mark Patron, CEO of RedEye with 25 years experience in direct and database marketing, will introduce the seminar. He will explain the power of Online Behavioural Marketing and Analysis to improve conversion and illustrate how customer behavioural information collected through a web analytics database, is the foundation stone in driving more relevant marketing.

Garry Lee, Head of Web Analytics, will illustrate how intelligent web analytics can provide data that is truly actionable. He will explain how to identify underperforming customer segments, target your media spend more accurately and increase conversions on-site.

Matthew Kelleher, Commercial Director, will demonstrate how to build a trigger based behavioural email strategy that can automate 90% of email marketing, and prove utilizing the behavioural information customers and browsers leave behind on a website will influence the chance of a future purchase.

John Dumas, Director of Operations for RedEye Usability, will demonstrate how real usability analysis is the overlooked element of conversion improvement.

Title: Delivering Online Behavioural Marketing and Analysis to Improve Conversion
Date: Tuesday 17th March
Time: 09.00– 13.30
Venue: The Oracle Building, One South Place, London, EC2M 2RB
Cost: £65 (includes lunch)

For more information or to book your place please contact Katie Traynier at RedEye on 01908 340 990 or email

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For further media information on RedEye please contact Katie Traynier on 01908 340 990 or email

Published on: 8:42AM on 5th March 2009