10th March, 2009

Econsultancy and MediaTrust have today published the first US
Affiliate Census, containing in-depth research about the performance marketing industry.

The report examines the make-up of the affiliate marketing community
and looks at how much revenue affiliates are generating for merchants, how they are getting their traffic and which linking methods they are using.

Key findings include:

* One in six affiliates surveyed (17%) is generating at least $600,000 a year in revenue for merchants.

* Paid search or pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is the most
significant category for US affiliates (48%), marginally ahead of
true content (search engine optimization) on 46%. Just under half of affiliates surveyed say each of these methods is important to them.

* Health, Sport and Fitness is the sector most widely promoted
by affiliates, promoted by 41% of survey respondents. The next
biggest sectors are Gifts / Gadgets (28%) and Books (27%).

* Affiliates are very positive about the increased use of the mobile Internet. The wider use of cell phones for accessing the Web is seen as an opportunity by 58% of respondents.

* The entrepreneurial spirit of affiliates also means they are also more likely to see the economic crisis as an opportunity than
as a threat.

Econsultancy Research Director Linus Gregoriadis said:

"The report looks in detail at the nature and quality of the relationships affiliates have with networks and merchants, revealing that many of these publishers have issues with the level of transparency in the industry and the quality of communication from merchants."

Trip Foster, Chief Marketing Officer at MediaTrust, said:

"Performance marketing is evolving rapidly and the input and
feedback of the publisher-base is critical to the success of the
ecosystem that exists among marketers, publishers and end users.

"As the performance marketing model implies, we all benefit only when all members of our ecosystem are satisfied. This means that an ongoing dialogue is necessary among all parties in this ecosystem and important to our collective evolution as an industry."

The survey was promoted to affiliate members by networks including Advaliant, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network and Pepperjam.

The research comes a month after Econsultancy published its UK Affiliate Census, produced in association with Affiliate Window.

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Journalists and bloggers can email Linus Gregoriadis for a complimentary copy of the report and / or further information.

Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director, Econsultancy

(e: linus AT econsultancy.com <mailto:linus@e-consultancy.com> )

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Published on: 12:25PM on 10th March 2009