dgm, the UK’s most experienced affiliate network, has released the second version of its popular dgmCompare Broadband tool. With a bewildering number of broadband options available to UK consumers, dgm’s upgraded tool helps consumers by allowing them to enter their postcode or telephone number into an interactive banner. They are then provided with a breakdown of geographically specific broadband packages.

dgmCompare Broadband offers advertisers, affiliates and consumers extra value by enriching the user experience. The tool has stimulated the affiliate mix in the sector increasing the number of long tail affiliates in the market. As a result, dgm’s broadband customers enjoy the increased reach provided through the recruitment of the new affiliates to their campaigns. The tool is also centrally distributed through dgm’s proprietary interface dgmPro, meaning that no upgrades are required by affiliates and new advertisers can be added without any disruption to the service

dgm and their affiliates have already added 3 new clients to their broadband portfolio - Talk Talk, XLN Telecom, Vispa Internet and Direct Save Telecom. Current clients include Vodafone, Orange, o2, Be, and XLN Telecom.

““Ongoing innovation is a vital part of being a successful affiliate network”, commented Dan Cohen, dgm’s Research & Strategy Director, who has led the project since its inception. “We collaborated with a number of affiliates as part of the development of the new version of dgmCompare Broadband. We’re confident we have provided a market leading product that will benefit both our affiliates and our broadband clients.”

“It’s a win-win situation for clients and affiliates”, says Carl Davis, dgm’s CEO. “As we bring on more clients to dgmCompare Broadband, more affiliates are attracted to the potential of the tool and the broadband market. The more affiliates come on board, the better the reach and the conversion opportunities for the client.”

Among the additions, users are provided with a map showing their proximity to their local exchange, a key factor in determining broadband speed. Results can be sorted by a variety of criteria including speed and cost. Affiliate publishers benefit from increased customisation to fit with their site design and a broader choice of creative executions. dgmCompare Broadband also distinguishes between Home, Business and Mobile packages increasing the relevancy of the results to consumers, and the scope of the tool.

For further information, please contact Chris Russell-Smith on 02079434266 (e: chris.russell-smith@dgm-uk.com) or visit our website http://www.dgm-uk.com

Published on: 9:59AM on 12th March 2009