Significant improvement of response through use of behavioral data

Amsterdam, 16 March 2009 - Nedstat announces the publication of their new commissioned study 'Integrating Web Analytics With Email Marketing To Improve Campaign Performance', conducted by Forrester Consulting on their behalf. Based on a recent market survey conducted by Forrester, the study unveils that marketers integrating Web analytics data with email marketing applications can generate nearly four times more revenue and 18 times greater net profits compared with marketers using simple untargeted mailings.

According to the survey of 159 email marketers across the UK, France, and Germany, those marketers that analyze the performance of their email applications with regard to specific campaigns are significantly more satisfied with their campaign performance, as compared with those marketers that don't monitor their campaigns at all. The integration with Web analytics data enables marketers to segment their target audiences more intelligently and address them with tailored messages that can improve customer engagement and lead to increased overall revenues.

"In all three countries, results show that most email marketers can still improve upon their email segmentation efforts…With relatively low use of segmentation, marketers are still missing an opportunity to adopt strategies tailored to specific campaigns they are launching. Instead, they continue to rely on antiquated means of segmentation... and deny themselves the ability to offer richer, more targeted campaigns to subscribers... Too many marketers make no efforts at all to monitor subscriber responsiveness… Even in cases where a lack of response has been identified, some marketers…continue to mail unresponsive subscribers, leading to poor list hygiene and wasted marketing budgets."

Ulrike Ziegler, VP Marketing at Nedstat says: "Marketers understand the value of using behavioral data in email marketing but few are comfortable with applying it in an effective way. The survey supports our view that integrations like this should be extremely easy to use. Our simple wizard allows users to select certain groups of prospects that clicked on the mail, landed on the site, but did not convert. Within seconds they can send the selected segment back directly to the email software for targeted re-mailings."

Nedstat's email partnerships are facilitated through Sitestat's RING™ integration platform which provides a dedicated framework for any type of online marketing application. Using the open standard SOAP to communicate with the integration partners, it enables data to be passed directly from independent marketing applications into Sitestat and, even more important, vice versa.

The February 2009 study, 'Integrating Web Analytics With Email Marketing To Improve Campaign Performance', is available free of charge at and at

About Nedstat

Nedstat is European leader in web analytics.

The products and services enable companies to improve the effectiveness and profitability of their online communication and business.

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Nedstat employs 165 people in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The client list includes many renowned and internationally operating organizations like Electrabel, Ernst & Young, KarstadtQuelle, Renault, Panasonic and Wolters Kluwer. Also, numerous government and not-for-profit organizations have benefited from Nedstat's expertise in delivering reports on users' behaviour online.

Key accreditations by Europe's leading independent web-standards organizations, such as ABC electronic, OJD, KIA and Audiweb ensure that customers' metrics are in full compliance with leading industry standards.

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Published on: 8:00AM on 16th March 2009