The Microsoft Partner Roadshows are being held at venues around the UK aimed at identifying the very latest business opportunities using Microsoft technology. Avonline’s Satellite Broadband events package enables delegates to view demonstrations of the latest Microsoft technologies.

Avonline's events package is available throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. This means that Event organisers can rely on high speed Internet access whatever the venue, wherever the location at extremely short notice.

“Event organisers cannot always rely on Internet access being available at all locations especially not at an affordable price. With Satellite we can guarantee a connection regardless.”

In addition to Internet access these temporary installations support WiFi Hotspots, VoIP, Video streaming and CCTV. Fully trained Avonline technicians attend each event to ensure the event runs smoothly, to answer any technical questions regarding the service or applications running over it.

Avonline PLC , one of the UK’s leading Network, Installation and Telecommunications companies deploy broadband satellite links to provide a high speed network supporting secure voice, video and broadband data. They are the largest reseller of Satlynx’s Satellite services in the UK.

F1 Consultancy Ltd is the UK’s leading consultant in Technical Event Management. They have a specialist technical team that concentrates on computer industry shows, exhibitions and trade fairs. Established in 1993, Microsoft was their very first client.

Published on: 12:00AM on 29th November 2004