Midlands agency Rawww has created a witty new interactive website for the makers of the famous Chicken Balti Pie, as part of a strategy of building the profile of the Shire Foods brand among consumers.

The new website – www.famouspies.com – takes visitors inside an animated pie factory where they can watch the different types of pie zipping off the production line and witness members of the factory staff pop up to explain what they do.

The entire site is designed to convey the attitude that underlies the Shire Foods business – a sense of authentic enthusiasm and love for pies – as well as building the idea of a pie as ‘good honest food’ for difficult times.

Building a national brand strategy

Previously Rawww helped Shire Foods gain listings last year in Tesco stores nationwide through its new packaging for frozen unbaked and fresh baked pies.

‘Our aim is to bring out the qualities that are already there at Shire’s,’ says Theo Louca, Creative Director at Rawww. ‘Those guys love their pies – and after we’d been working with them for a few weeks we started loving them too. A couple of our team have become serious balti pie addicts!’

Shire’s Chicken Balti Pie is already the number 1 half-time snack at Premiership stadiums, and Rawww’s intention is to build on that fan base.

‘We’re positioning Shire halfway between a mainstream brand on the one hand,’ says Louca, ‘and a quirkier brand with a cult following on the other hand.’

Adding some real character to the brand

The website introduces pie fans to some of the genuine characters who work at the factory – like Dave the Oven Master, who ‘loves that oven so much he finds it hard to leave it at night’.

The site’s tone is a very contemporary mix of insight and affectionate irony, with comically cartoonish graphics to match.

Shire’s pies, which are positioned towards the upper end of the mass market segment, are doing well in the current downturn, as customers look for a ‘good honest’ type of food that they feel they can trust. The new site is designed to build that trust and the loyalty that underlies it.


For further information please contact:

Piers Alder on 024 7699 8901 or piers@rawww.com

Published on: 9:15AM on 23rd March 2009