Advent Training (, a training company with courses designed to help people get a foothold in the IT sector has today produced a list of top tips for job seekers.

The company offers specialist career advice and support to help students get a job in IT. They are urging job seekers to follow these hints and tips as the recession hits the computing sector and increases competition for jobs.

1. Don’t use jargon – IT orientated individuals use acronyms on a daily basis however if you are being interviewed by HR they most probably will have no idea about Active Directory or TCPIP. Keep your language in simple terms as if you were trying to explain to your parents, without sounding patronizing.

2. Dig out your certificates – Make sure you have the certificates to back up your qualifications. Employers are increasingly asking for proof of qualifications, so if you have lost any important pieces of paper be sure to re-order them from your respective body.

3. Research the company – Many employers ask for applicants to give supporting evidence for your application. While researching the company will assist you with your application, it will also help when you get to interview stage. You will be prepared for the questions like, “What do you know about our company?”

4. CV length: 1 to 2 sides max – There isn’t an exact rule on CV length – as long as the key content is clear and to the point. Be sure that you include all the key information, but don’t waffle. Two sides should suffice for most applicants, but it is preferable if detail can clearly be fitted to single side of A4.

5. Responding to an advert – Make sure that your application answers all the questions asked by the employer. In a competitive job market, you will need to make sure your application meets all the basic requirements.

6. Use a pertinent subject header – A relevant subject header to your email is crucial. Failure to make the subject header relevant, clear and concise will risk your application getting lost in an inbox.

7. Don’t be presumptuous – Make sure that you don’t presume the employer knows anything about you. Nor must you assume they understand every trade body you work for – be sure to spell out and explain any acronyms or industry specific terms.

8. Keep interests interesting but sane – Hobbies and interests tell employer far more about you than you may think. Programmers are invariably not social butterflies! Sales people tend to be over bearing in quiet situations. Keep references neutral, ie socializing with family and friends, international cuisine, active interests in most sports / keeping fit.

9. Cover Letter – The best cover letters are unique, personalised and specifically tailored to the job you are applying for. They should complement the CV with reasons as to why you are applying for the job, rather than repeating the information you have already provided.

10. Check your CV and then check it again – Ensure your CV doesn’t contain a single typo. It portrays a degree of incompetence to the employer and also suggests a certain indifference as to whether you get the job.

Advent Training offers IT courses in PC and network support, website design and programming for employees looking to learn new skills and those trying to forge new careers in a competitive job market.

Published on: 7:24AM on 23rd March 2009