Delete has re designed and re structured professional hairstyling products BaByliss PRO site,

Delete won the work at the end of last year having previously worked for The Conair Group on a number of consumer activities for BaByliss and BaByliss for Men. Although this is the first project working with the BaByliss PRO team

“ BaByliss PRO website had plenty of excellent content but lacked structure around hierarchy in its design. We had all the right ideas but in totally the wrong order.”
Said Rob Sidebotham, BaByliss PRO Divisional Manager.

Delete elevated the perception of BaByliss PRO with the target audience by building a credible digital brand platform. Focusing on usability and audience experience, Delete rationalised the IA, stripping back the areas on the site to Product Showcase area, Demos and Tips, News and a user generated content section for the Professional Hairdressing community to upload, view and rate hair styles.

Delivering on-brand, Delete delivered a clean, structured interface to compliment this new IA. Another crucial factor of the site's success, was putting in place clear navigation to ensure a structured user journey that guided the consumer to relevant content on the site.

“The bulk of the work on the project was completed in the IA / wireframing stage where we tackled everything from the screen layouts right through to all the detailed functionality,” Said Tom Dougherty Digital Art Director at Delete.

“The interface design compliments our approach to simplify the site experience. We developed a clear and contemporary style that works consistently throughout all the key areas on the site. Combining the use of a well structured screen layout with a careful selection of colour - the design serves its purpose and allows the user to focus on all the great content available whilst easily navigating their way around.” He continued.


Press enquires:

For Delete
Karen Durham-Diggins at kddPR
t: +44 (0) 20 8989 2541
m: +44 (0) 7808 584 624

For Conair BaByliss PRO
Sharon Brigden at Clearsilver
T: 0113 307 5900
M: 07939 136 283


Delete - A Space for Ideas

Based in Clerkenwell, Delete is a digital creative agency. They offer their clients original strategic and creative thinking - not pre-packaged solutions - backed up with design and technical excellence.
Having built Delete over five years from the ground up to, currently, a team of 25, they possess the true grit of an entrepreneurial spirit and understand how to translate this into success through all work for their clients businesses.

Delete's vision is capture an audience’s imagination - with powerful digital experiences.

Black is White, Everything you know is wrong - This is the way Delete start all conversations. It's a challenge to their clients - to turn our thinking on its head and let them be Deleted.

To Delete is to create an opportunity after all.

Clients include, GAME, French Connection, Virgin, Virgin Atlantic (US), BaByliss, Leonard Cheshire Disability, the Great Gorilla Run, O2, Renault, Betfair, Mayor of London, Sahara, UKTV and Epson.

Published on: 9:37AM on 27th March 2009