A sister company of Advent Training - www.adventtraining.co.uk - has announced that it is working with De La Rue to provide recruitment services. Advent Careers will help De La Rue to recruit individuals with specific skills including web development, C++, Java and VB.net. In addition, Advent Careers will source experienced field technicians to visit and repair DLR equipment and general helpdesk personnel to fill roles at level one and two, answering incoming IT enquires.

De La Rue is the world’s leading commercial currency production and cash handling company employing more than 6000 people in 31 countries. With global operations based in Basingstoke, the company has offices in many towns and cities across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Turnover in 2007 topped £687m.

De La Rue offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits packages and a wide choice of national and international career opportunities. The company invests in its employees' training and professional development, promotes a balance between personal and professional lives and gives all employees the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

De La Rue is a trusted partner and adviser to governments, banks and commercial organisations the world over. The company is involved in every stage of the cash cycle, from making security paper and printing the currency, to providing equipment that keeps the cash in motion. Around the world, central and commercial banks use De La Rue’s equipment to count and sort notes quickly, reliably and in large quantities.

Published on: 7:53AM on 30th March 2009