BBC’s Watchdog programme broadcast an independent test that it had undertaken of text answer services in the UK, setting AQA 63336 up against its competitors 118118 and Texperts.

Secretly texting 20 different questions, twice, to each company, Watchdog then invited celebrities to see how they would compare and released the results in a programme broadcast on Monday 30 March at 7.30 pm.

AQA 63336 was the clear winner, and according to Watchdog scored 92.5% in the test. The celebrity team, consisting of Keith Chegwin, Iain Lee, and Konnie Huq came second with 90%. Third and last were 118118 and Texperts, both owned by American company KGB, who only got 72.5% and 65% of the answers right.

“We’re delighted with the Watchdog result, it demonstrates the clear leadership that AQA 63336 has in correctly answering questions from the British public,” said Colly Myers, CEO, AQA 63336. “We’ve almost five years experience in providing brilliant answers, and the quality that we continuously provide is down to our using trained, British researchers, with quality and editorial standards that not only provide accurate answers, but answers that are full of extra information with wit and style.”

Published on: 4:16AM on 31st March 2009