Marin Software today launched in the UK, extending its US success where it has transformed the way search marketing campaigns are managed. Marin Software gives large advertisers and agencies far greater control and transparency over their search spend by reducing the complexity involved in managing campaigns and helping them improve staff productivity. Commercially launched in the US in 2007, the company already runs in excess of $300 million of annual search spend for over 100 companies through its enterprise class paid search management application.

Ed Stevenson, European Managing Director, Marin Software, said: “Paid search is the largest and fastest growing online advertising channel but the complexity of executing it at large scale can be mind-boggling. Though it’s hard to believe, many large search marketers still rely primarily on sprawling spreadsheets, home-grown or aging first generation programs to manage hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds per month. This makes for a very labour intensive, error-prone and expensive way to conduct business. Add to that the pressures of the global financial downturn and – for European agencies at least – the removal of the safety blanket that was Google’s Best Practice Funding Scheme, and you begin to see the need for a way to manage search campaigns more efficiently. That’s where Marin comes in.”

Stevenson, former Managing Director of 24/7 Real Media and Search Operations Director at GroupM, a division of WPP, (LSE: WPP) will lead Marin’s London office, with plans to expand into further European markets later in the year. His team will launch Marin Search Marketer®, the company’s flagship product, which is a hosted end-to-end paid search engine marketing application which helps both advertisers and agencies manage and grow their search campaigns. Marin Search Marketer addresses the workflow, analysis and optimisation needs of professional search marketers, saving time and improving financial performance. The company is already working with leading clients, such as Razorfish, in the UK.

Jim Brigden, CEO of I Spy Search, the fastest growing search marketing agency in the UK, commented: “At I Spy Search, we understand that our clients are committed to achieving the highest level of traffic and the best return on their spend. In today’s economy, the marketing industry is under more pressure than ever to articulate why investing in search will generate the greatest returns. Marin Software’s arrival on these shores will certainly help address this challenge through its ability to eliminate complexity and cut costs in search campaigns and we welcome the company to the UK market.”

Christopher Lien, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Marin Software, said: “There comes a time in the evolution of every industry when the next generation of enabling technology is required in order to sustain growth. The paid search market has now entered that phase and that is the opportunity that Marin Software has identified and acted on. We are delighted to be opening for business in the UK - and soon the EU - and we stand ready to meet the needs of ever-more sophisticated marketers who drive a large part of their success through paid search.”

Stevenson continues: “The growth of the search industry has charged ahead in the last few years, and too many search marketers and agencies have kept their heads above water by employing an army of junior staff to keep things ticking over. This is clearly not a long term solution and we’re at the point where profitability and client satisfaction are taking a hit. A recent study conducted by JupiterResearch indicates that over 90% of large search marketers would spend an average of 22% more if key technology and infrastructure constraints were solved. Marin Search Marketer brings order to all of this and makes a tangible difference to the success of search campaigns.”

Marin Software’s European operations will be headquartered in central London with an office in Chandos Place. Stevenson is currently recruiting several big name search industry figures to join the team.

Published on: 6:07AM on 31st March 2009