Search engine marketing (SEM) agency Spannerworks has just launched a free to use search engine optimisation (SEO) diagnostics toolkit which has been developed in-house and is available to use on The agency is committed to promoting a best practice approach to SEM and has developed the toolkit in order to help businesses enhance their website’s visibility in the major search engines.

With search engine marketing now accounting for 41% of online advertising spend (Interactive Advertising Bureau), many businesses rely heavily on the internet as one of the most effective marketing channels. In addition, research has revealed that over 70% of Google and MSN users click on natural (SEO) listings rather than paid listings (MarketingSherpa Report, Sept 2004), so it is very important for companies to optimise their websites to gain good natural listings. The Spannerworks SEO toolkit is an important tool for any business, providing free technical insight.

As part of the expert team that developed the toolkit, Laurence Ashmore, Search Engine Analyst at Spannerworks explained that the toolkit “enables businesses to see their website through the eyes of a search engine allowing them to identify changes that can be made to enhance their visibility to the major search engines, therefore gaining higher rankings and more visitors.”

The Spannerworks SEO toolkit answers key questions about website optimisation and allows businesses to see how many pages of their website can be seen by search engines and identify any coding problems that may be preventing search engines from navigating their website.

For example, the toolkit’s HTTP viewer tool assesses whether a website’s server is configured correctly by showing exactly what a search engine spider receives when it requests a page. As this information can be doctored to fool search engines about what content exists on a website, this tool is useful for picking up techniques frowned on by search engines. It enables businesses to identify any problems and can be pointed at competitors to see if they are doing anything sneaky behind the scenes.

An invaluable tool for businesses, the Spannerworks technical team work hard to ensure their SEO toolkit is continually developed in line with industry developments.

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Notes to Editors

About Spannerworks
Established in 1997, Spannerworks is one of Europe's most innovative and dynamic search engine marketing (SEM) agencies. Combining a highly specialised and performance-based approach with extensive research and development, Spannerworks use proven manual SEM techniques for clients across a range of industry sectors.

Spannerworks’ search engine optimisation, paid search and complete analytics solution generates lower lead acquisition costs for clients including GlaxoSmithKline, Virgin and Carphone Warehouse by ensuring their websites achieve high visibility in major search engines including Google, MSN and Yahoo!

Based in Brighton, Spannerworks’ professional affiliations include membership of the Interactive Media Retail Group, Hub 100, Interactive Advertising’s Bureau Search Working Group, and the CIM.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st December 2004