April 1st 2009 ‘Digitalconnect’, a networking lunch for senior marketers organised by Knexus Digital last week addressed some of the key issues facing companies in the current recession and offered practical advice and suggestions on what companies can do to thrive in the current climate.

The exclusive networking event entitled ‘The Economics of Digital Marketing’, brought together an audience of over 30 senior-level marketers from leading brands including AOL, B&Q, Dell, Cineworld, Diageo, Harvey Nichols, Lloyds, Nokia, Syngenta and Shell.

Knexus Digital experts Eliza Dashwood (Ambergreen), Justin Rees (LeadPoint), Andrew Hood (Lynchpin) and Dusan Hamlin (Inside Mobile) provided compelling insights in 15 minute, rapid-fire sessions covering the economics of search, lead generation, mobile and analytics. Participating marketers described the insights as ‘invaluable’ and the format ‘fast, frank and friendly’. As the Marketing Director of a leading FMCG company said, ‘Digitalconnect gave me some really quality conversations. I’ve come back with a fresh perspective on how to extract more value from my marketing spend and improve the digital marketing performance of my team!’

Justin Rees, LeadPoint UK Head of Marketing said:

“In the current economic climate, there has been a huge increase in the interest in lead generation as not only is it arguably the most controllable and measurable form of advertising spend, it also utilises all forms of digital marketing. A consumer may have arrived at a lead generation website from searching on Google or responding to some form of display advert or even after receiving an email about a product or service. However, the majority of brands and companies still don’t understand what lead generation really is and how they can use it. Taking part in an event like ‘Digitalconnect’ gave us the chance to share our unrivalled industry knowledge with companies that would benefit substantially from using lead generation.”

Notes to Editors

LeadPoint’s technology brings buyers and sellers together in a truly unbiased marketplace. The company ensures a fair exchange, by monitoring lead quality and the customers themselves.

Leads are competitively priced, based on bids, performance and ratings by members of the LeadPoint community. The platform allows buyers to change bids in ‘real time’ and enables sellers to more efficiently sell leads and to enter multiple verticals (categories i.e. mortgages or loans) simultaneously.

The privately held company was founded in 2004 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. For more information please visit LeadPoint on the web at www.leadpoint.com and www.leadpoint.co.uk.

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Published on: 12:44PM on 1st April 2009