eModeration, the moderation and community management company, is developing a series of blog posts focusing on how to manage an online community effectively. The first of these, Pitfalls of Community Management, answers the common question: “why isn’t my community performing the way I’d like it to”?

eModeration details the most common pitfalls that brands across all sectors should avoid when they create and run an online community; and gives advice on how to overcome them. They are:

• Failing to engage with members: using the wrong tone of voice, for example
• Overtly pushing a brand, or message to community members
• Not keeping the content on the community areas fresh
• Making it difficult for new people to join in the community
• Not signposting the community effectively, so it’s difficult to navigate
• Not allowing free conversations
• Not allowing members to openly discuss your brand (both positive and negative)
• Not responding quickly enough to feedback, questions, complaints, or abuse reports
• Not resourcing the community effectively by not dedicating sufficient talent, money or time
• Lack of promotion, so no-one knows it’s there
• Hiding terms of service, or making them hard to understand
• Not understanding what members might gain, or want from the community
• The brand hasn’t fully bought into the community, or doesn’t understand its purpose.

For information on these pitfalls, and how to overcome them, see http://blog.emoderation.com/2009/03/pitfalls-of-community-management.html

The next in eModeration’s series of posts about Community Management will focus on best practice in managing communities, and will be available in the next two weeks.

Published on: 5:29PM on 1st April 2009