PR and communications agency, Carrot Communications has been appointed to launch the new brand identity of Iskra Wind Turbines and highlight the benefits of small wind to consumers, businesses, farmers and schools.

Loughborough-based Iskra manufactures one of the most efficient small wind turbines in the world, the AT5-1 5kW. Used by schools, farms, large homes and public properties the turbine enables the reduction of carbon foot-prints, decreases electricity costs and acts as an educational resource.

Carrot will be working with newly appointed Sales and Marketing Director Claus Jacobsen to support sales efforts and launch the new brand identity. “Iskra Wind was looking for communications support from an agency with a proven track record in brand development, excellent knowledge of the green tech market and a demonstrable understanding of digital media. For us, this agency was Carrot.”

The on-going programme will utilise traditional and digital communications channels starting from a new website to reach markets throughout the UK Europe and USA.

About Carrot Communications:
Carrot Communications is a communications and public relations agency that specialises in fast-growth companies with a technology slant. It develops and implements communications and public relations strategies that support your business.
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About Iskra
Iskra is a supplier of renewable energy systems. It makes an advanced wind turbine (AT5-1) for the ‘small wind’ market - for example, for homes, schools, and farms (as opposed to the ‘big wind’ market of commercial wind farms or roof mounted turbines - micro wind).

The AT5-1 advanced wind turbine can produce 9000KWh (units) per year at an average wind speed of 11 miles per hour, enough to provide electricity for two average homes.

Iskra’s turbines use sophisticated technology and design to make them the most efficient and cost-effective small wind turbines on the market. Iskra spent five years on research and development before manufacturing its first wind turbine in 2004. The turbines are manufactured in the UK with all parts sourced in the UK.

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Published on: 12:32PM on 2nd April 2009