Social security numbers, bank card passwords, credit card numbers, bank information, it all ends up on our mobile devices. Collectively, we like to keep our information available and organized, so wherever we are, our personal information is there. But what happens to our identity when these devices go missing? The mere thought of this scares me, in fact it keeps the iHound team up at night. For this reason, iHound Software has leveraged their existing web-based mobile security platform to release the much anticipated iHound client for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This revolutionary software product helps you protect your lost or stolen device via the GPS and Wi-Fi location services embedded in the phone (think LoJack® for your mobile device).

As the iPhone and iPod Touch are online, they are continuously pinging the server when iHound is running. All a user has to do is download the iHound client and follow the security tips outlined throughout the website. If they ever misplace their device, they can log on to the iHound server from their computer and locate it immediately. Once users become a part of the iHound community, they take a major step closer to trusting the
devices to which they are tethered. As users trust their devices with the information they keep private, they can lead a more organized and productive lifestyle. iHound users feel safe knowing that, if used in conjunction with our security tips, iHound
helps sniff out and track down their lost or stolen devices. Please visit our web sites to learn more about our products and company:
iPhone/iPod Touch website & a video:
iHound Software website:

About iHoundTM Software:
iHound Software is the quintessential mobile security company, focused on creatively protecting one's mobile devices and lifestyle. The iHound Software team provides mobile security solutions for the busy on-the-go lifestyle of Generation M, where Generation X and Y intersect. As Generation M's fascination with mobile devices becomes more prevalent and these devices become a virtual extension of one's lifestyle, users are going to be forced to become more aware. More aware of their surroundings and the devices in which they confide. It is this opportunity, to secure consumers' mobile lifestyles that drives iHound to continue innovating. As additional devices are released, you can be assured that the iHound team is working hard to protect Generation M's virtual lifestyle. In fact, iHound's development team has begun to develop other mobile solutions, so stay tuned for information concerning future development. Take control of your mobile digital lifestyle and join the iHound revolution today!

For additional information please contact:
Gary M. Moskoff
iHound Software
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Published on: 3:06PM on 6th April 2009