Direct digital marketing agency Inbox Digital has developed a viral game with private leagues to promote themselves and their new viral marketing offering.

The game is a very simple driving game where Santa and his trusty reindeers drive around a track against the clock. The game differs to a normal driving game because you are not using your arrow keys to steer, just your mouse to drag Santa around the track. This makes it very quick and smooth – and annoyingly addictive!!

In additional to tracking your best time, it also gives your global position, which changes in real time.

However, the coolest thing about this game are the private leagues. You can invite four mates to join your own personal league and a real-time league table will keep you up to date with the top five times.

Oli Christie, Creative Director on Inbox Digital commented, “This is a real advice in viral games with real-time personalised leagues and we’re very excited about the success of this game. After two hours, we had over 10,000 plays.

Gary Stevens, Managing Director of Inbox Digital says, “Viral marketing is an exciting new area for Inbox to being moving into and we’re looking forward to creating viral activity for our current and future clients”.


Inbox – Digital direct marketing at its very best

Established in 1999, Inbox are one of the UK’s leading digital agencies that specialise in the integration of email, web and mobile channels.

With a wealth of experience, Inbox provide clients a unique blend of strategy, creative and technology, using the core principles of advertising and DM to deliver brand enhancing, engaging and responsive digital campaigns. Clients include leading brands such as Vodafone, BMW, NTL and esure to name a few.

As a full service digital agency, Inbox provide specialist teams across planning, client services, creative and technical, who all talk a common language, share a common vision and work together as a single entity.

Unlike many agencies, Inbox have developed their own proprietary digital platform, which seamlessly blends these multiple channels.

As a whole, this delivers seriously original thinking and award winning digital solutions that drive phenomenal results.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd December 2004