April 8th 2009 LeadPoint, the world’s first lead exchange marketplace, today announced two new hires as the company continues to grow despite the tough economic climate.

Emma Smith has joined the Corporate Development team which is responsible for recruiting and managing lead suppliers to the LeadPoint marketplace. She will continue to support the ongoing efforts to maintain the high quality of leads across all product verticals. In the same week, Keri Butler has joined the Account Management team to support the needs of LeadPoint’s growing customer base and continue to help new and existing lead buyers maximise their return on investment from lead generation.

LeadPoint currently trades over 15 lead products including Mortgages, Loans, Private Medical Insurance, Debt Management & IVA, Life Insurance, ASU and Home Insurance leads. Lead Buyers can create a LeadPoint account for free and start buying leads within a matter of minutes after signing up.

Justin Rees, LeadPoint UK Head of Marketing said:

“In a recession there is a natural flight to performance based marketing channels and lead generation is one of the most cost effective and measurable ways to acquire new customers. An increasing number of companies large and small are turning to lead generation for the first time to help them source new business and many of them are finding their way to LeadPoint. We are currently signing up an average of 50 new lead buyers a week and as our profile increases and we move into new product areas, this number is set to grow. LeadPoint’s success in such a short space of time is largely due to the quality of the leads we supply and our high standards of customer service. Our new hires will help us maintain and improve both these areas of our business as we continue to grow over the coming months. And we are still actively recruiting to ensure we have support in all areas of the business as we expand.”

Media enquires:

Justin Rees, Head of Marketing, LeadPoint UK Ltd, 0203 178 2179

Notes to Editors

LeadPoint’s technology brings buyers and sellers together in a truly unbiased marketplace. The company ensures a fair exchange, by monitoring lead quality and the customers themselves.

Leads are competitively priced, based on bids, performance and ratings by members of the LeadPoint community. The platform allows buyers to change bids in ‘real time’ and enables sellers to more efficiently sell leads and to enter multiple verticals (categories i.e. mortgages or loans) simultaneously.

The privately held company was founded in 2004 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. For more information please visit LeadPoint on the web at www.leadpoint.com and www.leadpoint.co.uk.


Published on: 11:08AM on 8th April 2009