Celebrating five years of answering text questions from the public, AQA 63336 today launches AQA2U, a commercial service that allows anyone with interesting content to connect and keep in touch with their followers, making money from every text that’s received by subscribers.

Anyone with a UK mobile phone can make money with AQA2U by becoming a publisher at www.aqa.63336.com. It’s free, simple and quick to set up. Publishers create topics for people to subscribe to, market these topics to their followers, and then start writing content. AQA2U sends their content out to subscribers using premium text, giving publishers the majority share of net revenue received. With no set-up costs, and with only 25 subscribers, a publisher can make £275 per year. With 250 subscribers, a publisher can make £3,000 a year.

Colly Myers, CEO, comments:

“AQA2U is web 2.0 with a business model. It puts texts, alerts, updates and offers from anyone who’s got something to say, into the hands of followers who are passionate enough to part with a few pounds per month. We already know people will pay for this, as we get many thousands of texts to AQA 63336 asking the same types of questions time and time again.”

Core features of AQA2U are:

- AQA2U drives revenue. AQA2U receives about 12p per text delivered to a subscriber. AQA2U gives the majority of this to the publisher, ranging from 7-9p depending on volume, who also have the option of donating this revenue to charity. Charities who set up as publishers receive 12p.

- AQA2U is simple to set-up and use. Publishers can typically set up their account at www.aqa.63336.com and be ready to write content within 2 hours. Publishers can enter content themselves, or authorise administrators and authors for their account. Content can be entered on the website, or texted straight from a phone to AQA2U. As long as the content meets AQA2U publishing policy standards, it’s then sent out in a text message to their subscribers.

- AQA2U is easy to market. With just small groups of subscribers, Publishers make money. It’s simple to market via word of mouth, all people need to do to subscribe to a topic is text the topic’s name to 63336. Subscribers pay £1 to subscribe to a topic, thereafter they’ll pay 25p per text, and no more than £3.50 per month for the texts.

- AQA2U protects consumers. AQA2U ensures subscribers aren’t bombarded with texts, limiting it to 14 texts per month, per topic. All content delivered by AQA2U has to meet the standards set by the AQA2U publishing policy, ensuring subscribers aren’t sent offensive or inappropriate content. Subscribers will never be spammed.

To demonstrate the simplicity and attraction of AQA2U, 20 topics have been created by AQA 63336 that people can already subscribe to, based on popular questions texted to AQA 63336. These include lottery results (LOTTO2U), premiership scores (PREM2U), even a topic just consisting of compliments (NICE2U).

For launch, AQA2U has also signed up over 200 publishers, offering over 300 topics for UK mobile phone users to subscribe to. UK charities WellChild, Samaritans and Straight Talking have also been set up if publishers wish to donate their earnings.

Colly Myers, CEO, continues:

“We’re confident of rapid growth as even small publishers who get a few people to subscribe start making money, and all publishers have a vested interest to market their topics. We’ve got over 2 million customers with AQA 63336 in five years, so we’re confident of getting 2 million subscribers in the next five years with AQA2U – delivering 20 million texts per month from publishers.”

To find out more about AQA2U, please visit www.aqa.63336.com.


Supporting quotes

1. Network operators

Danny Barclay, Interactive Channel Business Manager, Telefónica O2 UK says:

“AQA2U is a unique and innovative way of harnessing SMS to make money, but which also protects our customers from being spammed or receiving offensive content. We think this service will be very popular with O2 customers.”

2. Publishers

Dave Hogan, the world's top celebrity photographer who is behind the scenes at the first nights of the biggest showbiz events in the world has set up HOGAN2U and says:

"This is a great system. I'm not a twitterer or blogger and don't get much time to sit at computers, so this works well for me - gives me a way of letting people know what I'm doing by phone. I'll be texting up-to-the minute showbiz news from the biggest events and the biggest stars in the world... Watch out for my backstage reports from behind the scenes of upcoming U2 and Michael Jackson tours..."

Also using AQA2U is star in the hood, Tinchy Stryder (TINCHY2U). The chart-topping 'Prince of Grime' says:

"I’m big into twittering and blogging. This new AQA2U service is a good way to expand on that and let my fans know what I’m up to and where I’m at by phone as well as online."

Kehinde Azeez, a writer/producer & owner of net music label Vhp Records Australia (KLUBVHP2U) says:

"AQA2U is a fantastic way to monetise our website whilst giving away content in the UK. AQA2U enables us to create an exclusive membership area for free and we can have a spam free forum that enables fans to get up close and personal with our singers, we can run competitions, get vital feedback from our fans on our records (ahead of release), song requests, and promote links to exclusive content including videos, mp3s and photos. Artists and labels will jump all over this, as all other similar services cost far too much to set up and manage."

3. Charities registered with AQA2U

Hilary Pannack, chief executive of teenage pregnancy charity Straight Talking, is one of the charities that publishers can donate their earnings to:

“Straight Talking makes a real impact on the teenage pregnancy rates in the areas it works and currently 95% of the teenage parents it employs are going on to education and employment. Straight Talking can break the cycle of teenage parents having children who become teenage parents who continue to live in poverty. It can do this by helping them to become high achieving role models for their children. Being supported by AQA2U would make a real difference to the charity. It would help Straight Talking to employ more teenage parents, making them less reliant on the State for benefits. It would help the charity to reach more young people in schools, helping them to delay parenthood until it is the right time in their lives.”

Miranda Chalk, Director of Fundraising, WellChild, says:

“WellChild is the national charity for sick children, helping sick children and their families, throughout the UK, as they deal with the consequences of serious illness and complex conditions. Our mission is to reach as many sick children and young people as we can and to do this we focus on three key areas: Nursing Care, Support and Research. Donations from people using the new AQA2U service will be hugely valuable to us; so our thanks to AQA, who have supported us over the years by running marathons and are now continuing that support through this brilliant new service.”

Claire Duncan, spokesperson from Samaritans, says:

“Samaritans provides confidential non-judgmental emotional support, 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide. In these tough economic times Samaritans’ service is more vital than ever, as we receive an increasing number of calls related to unemployment and financial worries so it is great that AQA 63336 are already signposting people to our service. Samaritans is delighted to learn that we will be one of the charity partners of AQA2U, funds raised will enable us to keep our support service running 24 hours a day.”

Published on: 11:55AM on 20th April 2009